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Pearl Thinks, LLC Announces Release of Pearl CDP

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Pearl Thinks, LLC is pleased to announce the release of Pearl, a patent-pending SaaS Customer Data Platform (CDP) built exclusively for B2C brands of all sizes. Pearl unifies, humanizes and delivers actionable insights from your data enabling brands to realize greater returns on customer relationships for sustained business growth.

Pearl deploys industry-first innovations and solutions including the Relationship Lifecycle, a methodology for visualizing customer migration and Database Rx, the ability for brands to calculate the overall health and value of their contact database. With its intuitive interface, dynamic metrics and marketing analytics dashboards, Pearl empowers E-commerce brands to easily create insightful audience segments and messaging that drive improved marketing performance and revenue.

Integrated with leading e-commerce and ESP platforms like Shopify and Mailchimp, Pearl is a quantum innovation in one-to-one marketing communication, customer engagement and segmented sales growth.

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Colin Giblin, Director of eCommerce at Turtle Fur, the leading headwear and accessories brand in outdoor and snow sports industries for 35 years, says “the new Pearl software platform allows us to change our tactics from deploying repetitive emails to every single prospect and customer by enabling us to speak one-on-one to the real person on the other side of the screen. With Pearl, our prospects, fans and customers aren’t simply data points in our database. We think of our Turtle Fur customers as “family” and with Pearl, it helps us foster these feelings and our actions.

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Pearl Thinks, LLC is a data technology company that helps small, medium and Enterprise-size retailers and eCommerce companies convert data into long-term customer and database growth through data enrichment, unification, analytics, and activation strategies.

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