V12 Launches Industry’s Leading Database of In-Market Home Retail Shoppers, Powered by V12 Signals Technology

Database Integrated with V12 Velocity End-to-End Customer Acquisition Package

V12, a leading provider of customer acquisition solutions, announced the launch of its Home Retail Intender Database, the industry’s largest and most inclusive database of consumers actively shopping for home retail products. The in-market database is an integrated component of V12 Velocity for Home Retail, the company’s end-to-end customer acquisition package featuring first and third-party data integration, analytics and omnichannel program and campaign delivery.

Powered by V12 Signals technology, V12’s intender database was built over a three-year time span using proprietary mobile location intelligence, browsing behavior and in-market behavioral triggers.

According to Andy Frawley, CEO of V12, “Using hundreds of sources of offline and online data, best-in-class technology and analytics, and proprietary data methodology, we can tell you who is actively browsing for products and services you sell, who visited your competitor’s store yesterday, or who just moved into your area.  Rather than setting a wide marketing net with little effect, marketers are able to focus on targeting lower funnel behaviors rather than best-guess profiles in order to achieve ROI beyond what any other type of data in the market can provide.”

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The three pillars of V12’s Home Retail Intender Database include:

  • Consumers who are actively browsing online for home retail products. We provide visibility into behavioral data and searches occurring on over 90% of internet-connected devices.
  • Shoppers who have visited a home retail store or a competitor’s location within the previous 24 – 48 hours. Unlike other mobile solutions which only target the device, V12 Signals proprietary mobile location intelligence connects devices to actual consumer identities.
  • Lifestyle changes and trigger data such as new movers, new children and economic changes.

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“Consumer expectations are never constant or consistent. Trying to determine a consumer’s intent is an ongoing challenge for marketers across industries until now,” said Anders Ekman, President of V12. “We are extremely excited to launch our in-market database of home retail shoppers, unlike anything else available in the industry today. Paired with our full-service deployment of marketing programs delivered across channels, our clients can implement powerful customer acquisition and retention programs and easy-to-use, bundled execution for much higher conversions and increased ROI.”

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