V12 Data Launches V12 Velocity, an Integrated Customer Data Platform to Drive Accelerated Results

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V12 Data, a leading provider of people-based marketing solutions, announced the launch of V12 Velocity, an integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution that blends first and third party data, customer journeys and analytics to drive accelerated results for brands. The solution is also the first CDP in the marketplace to include thousands of third-party data elements as part of its bundled solution. Using V12’s CDP package, brands can quickly integrate and manage customer data to acquire new customers, develop actionable insights and deploy unified customer journeys across channels.

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“Consumers today are seeking highly-personalized experiences from brands, however effectively managing customer data has posed a significant barrier for many brands,” said Andy Frawley, CEO of V12. “In the past, integrating data into one cohesive database often required a massive undertaking by IT. The V12 CDP can be implemented in a matter of weeks, providing rapid integration of data and deployment of unified customer journeys that engage uniquely at every stage based on individual behaviors.”

The Velocity CDP solution offers two options including a quick-start acquisition program and a full-access bundle to acquire, retain and upsell in-market shoppers. Brands can choose to get started within days through the acquisition program, which provides full marketing execution, service and support. Using high-performing acquisition data, V12 deploys automated email journeys and delivers measurable results back in near real-time.

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The full-service bundle provides full platform access including data hygiene, acquisition data, marketing execution, automated email deployments via journey orchestration, multi-channel integration, and marketing consultancy services.

According to Anders Ekman, President of V12, “The CDP market is seeing tremendous growth, however brands need to be aware that not all CDPs are created equal.  While they all offer data integration, only some offer analytics and journey management and execution. The V12 CDP is a truly unique solution, offering all these capabilities plus third-party data built directly into one easy-to-use package. As a result, we are able to provide brands with a one-of-a kind solution that empowers better marketing outcomes unlike anything else available in the market.”

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