Zylotech Unveils Revenue Operations Framework to Optimize B2B Customer Life-cycle

To help B2B companies better manage the evolving complexities of redefined relationships between businesses and customers, Zylotech, the self-learning customer intelligence (CDP) platform company unveiled its Revenue Operations (RevOps) Framework. Designed to streamline customer engagement practices, Zylotech’s RevOps Framework provides B2B organizations with the necessary guidance to break through marketing, sales and customer operations silos to establish alignment across customer-facing teams.

The Zylotech RevOps Framework was developed based on research and interviews Zylotech conducted the past 12 months with over a hundred B2B marketing, sales and customer success leaders. The insights gained were used to create a strategic roadmap for RevOps, the new corporate department tasked with managing full-funnel operations across the customer engagement lifecycle.

Key takeaways from the Zylotech RevOps Framework found:

  • Establishing a data foundation is critical with continuous ID resolution across contact, company and parent account is critical.
  • Marketing should be involved in the entire customer lifecycle and has to adopt metrics that will prove meaningful across the revenue-generating teams, whether they are focused on creating opportunities or completing a sale.
  • Sales needs to connect with prospects much earlier in the customer lifecycle to better direct and influence each stage of cultivation.
  • Better integrated customer success operations will be able to respond to customer expectations more effectively with a full understanding of the customer journey. This includes tapping into sophisticated analytics based on comprehensive data to help identify when customers are likely to want to make a purchase. 

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“Today, businesses have to process huge quantities of data to derive useful and timely analytics that can help inform customer strategies,” said Tom Davenport, a distinguished professor at Babson College, a research fellow at MIT, and senior advisor to Deloitte. “To ensure the ongoing success of B2B organizations and meet the needs of today’s well-informed customer, it is important to embrace an integrated RevOps strategy with integrated customer data made possible by AI.” 

With today’s advancements in AI and machine learning, marketing, sales, and CRM, data can now be unified to deliver a cohesive and comprehensive customer-centered view to inform strategic decisions. Coupled with a RevOps strategy, B2B organizations stand to realize significant gains. According to Sirius Decisions, a global B2B research and advisory firm,

when B2B companies are aligned under RevOps they grow 12-15 times faster than their peers and are 34 percent more profitable.

“RevOps is changing the game for B2B organizations,” said Abhi Yadav, co-founder, and CEO of Zylotech. “Companies that are able to unify siloed customer-facing teams can now address the customer at each stage of their journey — from initial purchase, usage, follow-up, to renewals, and upsells that meet a particular customer’s specific and evolving needs.”

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According to David Raab, Principal and Founder of the CDP Institute, “RevOps require coordinating activities across many departments that use different systems. The essential first step is to combine data from those systems into a complete view of each customer and making it available to every system that needs it. For this reason, Customer Data Platforms are a critical foundational technology for any RevOps strategy.”

With a CDP serving as a bridge across the marketing, sales, and customer success departments, B2B organizations can provide a unified view that allows cross-functional teams to not only achieve greater agility, efficiency, and consistency but also attain a common goal that will directly result in increased revenue and accelerated growth.

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