Habu Announces CPG Clean Room Starter Package to Accelerate Insights and Growth for CPG Companies

Habu, the Global Innovator in Data Collaboration Software, announced the release of its Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Clean Room Starter Package, enabling CPG companies to access pre-sourced data, pre-packaged use cases, and pre-built queries and visualizations within privacy- and governance-safe clean room environments to fuel insights, targeting, and measurement.

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“The CPG Clean Room Starter Package signals another example of Habu delivering frictionless and automated data collaboration solutions”

In a world without third-party cookies and other identifiers, data collaboration between companies becomes more important than ever with data clean rooms recently emerging as the privacy-safe vehicle to unlock those opportunities. However, identifying the right partners, data, and use cases continues to prove challenging, impeding companies from activating data clean room solutions and preventing them from unleashing the true value for their business.

Habu’s Clean Room Starter Packages guide companies on how best to get started and see value quickly in data clean rooms. Habu enables this with the following features:

  • Pre-Sourced Data: Identifying the right partners and data to collaborate with can be a time consuming process. Habu has done the heavy lifting of sourcing high-quality transaction data partners that have the data to answer the business questions that matter most to CPG companies.
  • Pre-Packaged Use Cases: With a myriad of use cases possible within a clean room, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Habu has packaged the most common use cases for CPG companies to include Overlap Analysis, Audience Segmentation, Journey Analysis, Basket Analysis, and more.
  • Pre-Built Queries/Visualizations: A library of pre-built queries and visualizations empower CPG companies to get started and see value quickly while providing a path for growth and success through more advanced analysis and data collaboration opportunities.

“The CPG Clean Room Starter Package signals another example of Habu delivering frictionless and automated data collaboration solutions,” said Habu Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Kilmartin. “We have developed expertise in this industry working with the most sophisticated CPGs. While companies are working hard to build up 1st party data, they could benefit from greater insight into retail and media data. We want to empower companies of all types and sizes to collaborate and drive mutually beneficial value for their businesses.”

Leading CPG companies leverage Habu today to safely and securely collaborate around data for advanced measurement, attribution, analytics, and insights.

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