Infoworks Announces General Availability of DataFoundry 3.0

Industry-leading Data Operations and Orchestration system adds native support for Databricks, the leader in Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) systems, today announces general availability of Infoworks DataFoundry 3.0, following a very successful beta program. Previewed last fall, DataFoundry 3.0 marks evolution of Infoworks’ highly-automated EDO2 system that is used by some the world’s largest enterprises to achieve unprecedented levels of analytics agility.

Native support for Databricks Unified Analytics Platform is among the key new capabilities added in DataFoundry 3.0. DataFoundry runs natively on Databricks and leverages its full power to deliver the fastest and easiest solution to onboard data and launch analytics use cases on Databricks.

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No-code DataFoundry automates data operations and data orchestration for developing and managing data workflows from onboarding all the way to operationalization in hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud environments and dramatically reduces the time and skill level needed to launch analytics use cases. The comprehensive power of DataFoundry enables enterprises to easily and rapidly:

Onboard data  DataFoundry not only automates data ingestion, but also automates the key functionality that must accompany ingestion to establish a complete foundation for analytics. Data onboarding with DataFoundry automates:

  • Data Ingestion – from all enterprise and external data sources
  • Data Synchronization – change data capture (CDC) to keep data synchronized with the source
  • Data Governance – cataloging, data lineage, metadata management, audit, and history

Prepare data  DataFoundry automates preparing data for analytics and optimizing data pipelines for performance. Data preparation with DataFoundry applies deep automation to:

  • Data Transformation – data pipeline design, optimization and incremental updates
  • Data Modeling – use-case specific optimization of data models with incremental updates

Operationalize data  DataFoundry greatly simplifies deployment and management of analytics use cases in production by automating:

  • Data Pipeline Deployment and Promotion – from development to production
  • Pipeline Orchestration – management of fault-tolerant analytic workflows
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment – export or migrate data pipelines to target platforms on-premises or in the cloud

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“DataFoundry is unequaled in providing a comprehensive, automated solution that tackles the significant complexities of data operations and orchestration,” said Amar Arsikere, chief product officer, CTO and co-founder at Infoworks. “Our customers are seeing incredible efficiencies and productivity gains in support of key digital business transformation initiatives.”

A leading healthcare company, who participated in the DataFoundry 3.0 beta program experienced great success using Infoworks DataFoundry to migrate an analytics workload to Databricks Unified Analytics Platform in hours as opposed to weeks or months. The migration met all service level agreement (SLA) requirements and total cost of ownership (TCO) goals. Some of the key attributes of the migrated workloads and results delivered were:

  • 42 source tables
  • 24 data pipelines
  • Migrated to Databricks from Azure HDInsights in 7 hours
  • 38% decrease in data operations costs
  • 25% increase in query performance
  • Ability to control costs down to the individual workflow
  • Automated use of on-demand and elastic clusters
  • Eliminated hand coding

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