YRC Worldwide Launches New Industry-centric Sales Verticals

New strategic focus expands key sales verticals, emerging sales markets, and sales team growth

YRC Worldwide has announced the next phase of its Enterprise Transformation by expanding its industry-focused sales strategy into three new industry-focused sales verticals.

These are:

(1) manufacturing, automotive and energy;

(2) retail, consumer goods and ecommerce; and

(3) healthcare and life sciences.

The depth and longevity of YRCW’s expertise in these verticals align with its stated long-term strategy of improved customer service and engagement backed by customized supply chain solutions.

“In response to the ever-changing market and in an effort to play to our strengths, we are taking a surgical approach to focus on verticals where we have shown a clear ability to execute and demonstrable core competencies,” said Jason Bergman, Chief Customer Officer.

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Jason added, “Our expertise in these industries allows us to provide the customized supply chain solutions customers need, and our emphasis on serving customers’ shipping and logistics needs within these three strategic verticals will make YRCW increasingly easy to do business with. Our entire portfolio of brands is accessed through one single point of contact with specific expertise in key markets that are essential to our growth.”

YRCW is simultaneously expanding its business development efforts around these three verticals with the promotion of Christopher Greenberg to Corporate Vice President of Strategic Accounts.  Greenberg will be responsible for a growing business development team with specific industry expertise devoted to better serving our customers in those verticals and expanding our service offering to each. Most recently, Greenberg served as Director of Corporate Accounts, Business Development at YRCW, and prior to that, was Vice President of Sales for Dicom Transportation Group and Director of Sales and Operations at Tax Airfreight, Inc.

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“The execution of this change and resulting focus combined with our commitment to building Christopher’s team signifies a strategic investment both directionally and monetarily to position YRCW for future growth and continued innovation in customer engagement,” said Tim Haitz, Vice President of Corporate Sales.

Tim added, “YRCW’s new sales structure creates a focus and intensity on industries where we already have deep experience and relationships. We look forward to continuing to creatively solve our customers’ needs and furthering our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner for our customers’ transportation needs.”

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