Katalyst Data Management Partners with IHS Markit to Add AccuMap Data to SeismicZone.com

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Agreement adds over 4 million kilometers of AccuMap seismic to SeismicZone e-brokerage

Katalyst Data Management announced that they have entered into a commercial agreement with IHS Markit to display seismic data from AccuMap on Katalyst’s SeismicZone.com website. The partnership will bring over 60 years’ worth of seismic data available for license to the public website. SeismicZone.com visitors now have access to over 4.7 million linear kilometers of 2D and 440,000 square kilometers of 3D data, along with key parameter information to help select the right data for purchase.

This newly exposed 2D and 3D data will also be available for instant quality inspection by registered users of SeismicZone.com. The e-brokerage website provides a more timely method for potential purchasers and licensees of seismic data to view and quality inspect data online, rather than having to wait for an individual to provide the information.

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Additionally, AccuMap users can access the SeismicZone e-brokerage directly within the AccuMap platform and will have automatic access to the quality inspection tools available on SeismicZone.com. The two globally recognized service providers for subsurface data feel their solutions complement each other to more cost effectively and efficiently bring seismic data to the resale marketplace.

“We could not be more excited about this opportunity to partner with a globally recognized service provider like IHS Markit,” stated Katalyst President and CEO Steve Darnell. “The AccuMap seismic data has tremendous potential in today’s market when historical data is being utilized more frequently. As a data management company seeking more timely and cost-effective ways to make proprietary seismic data available for license, this partnership is win-win.”

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SeismicZone.com is a public website, an online map open for anyone to use specialized query tools to see where seismic data is available for license. Visitors can also request to receive updates as seismic data is added to their area of interest. In order to view quality inspection information, visitors must become registered users for the site.

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