OneTrust and The DMA Announce Strategic Partnership to Equip Marketers for GDPR and CCPA Success

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As the Responisble Marketing Partner, OneTrust will partner with the Data & Marketing Association on responsible GDPR and CCPA marketing tools, training and resources

OneTrust and the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) announced a strategic partnership to equip marketers with the tools, training and resources needed to successfully build, implement and scale responsible marketing programmes that comply with global privacy laws including the GDPR and CCPA. As the DMA’s Responsible Marketing Partner, OneTrust and the DMA will work together to provide software tools, training, resources and thought leadership for marketing departments to responsibly manage, protect and administer customer data now and in the future.

The GDPR and CCPA created new compliance challenges for marketers to maintain compliance while delivering customised user experiences. To help understand how businesses are dealing with these changing data privacy laws and the impact they’re having, the partnership includes supporting the “Data Privacy: An industry perspective 2019” research. This latest survey is currently open to anyone working in the data & marketing industry to share their latest views.

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Participate in the research “Data Privacy: An industry perspective 2019”

The GDPR sets a high standard for organisations processing data based on consent, and the CCPA has specific guidelines around the “sale” of personal data. OneTrust and the DMA will help marketers understand regulatory requirements while delivering personalised campaigns that respect consumer’s privacy. The partnership includes:

  • Resources & Research: OneTrust and the DMA will produce joint surveys and webinars focused on the topics most relevant to marketers, including how to comply with the GDPR and the latest regulatory amendment to the CCPA.
  • Free In-Person Workshops: OneTrust and the DMA will partner at select PrivacyConnect and MarketingConnect workshops, free, local events that equip privacy and marketing professionals to connect, share experiences, and learn the latest regulatory requirements and implementation best practices.
  • The DMA’s Data Summit: OneTrust will also headline the DMA’s Data Protection Summit, taking place on 28 February in London.

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“As the industry association representing the data and marketing industry, acting responsibly while also creating engaging experiences that put customers first is a core tenet of our Code. In OneTrust we have found a partner that shares these key values and the belief in a customer-centric approach to data and privacy,” said Rachel Aldighieri, MD of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA). “The partnership will also offer added benefit to our members, offering them access to a range of additional tools, training and resources to not just comply with privacy laws, but truly put the customer at the heart of their business. Giving them a competitive advantage by developing trust through their approach to data and privacy.”

“Becoming the DMA’s Responsible Marketing Partner was a natural fit; we share a mission to equip marketers for success while maintaining compliance with the evolving regulatory environment,” said Kabir Barday, CEO and Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP), OneTrust. “We’re excited to build upon our existing partnership and launch new research and resources for marketers. Together we’re able to provide members access to the OneTrust PreferenceChoice suite of marketing compliance tools, resources, research and best practices to responsibly manage and protect customer data.”

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