ActiveNav Changes the Game for Risk-Aware Organizations with Revolutionary Data Mapping as a Service (DMaaS)

File analysis software leader launches ACTIVE-Inventory to help organizations understand their data health and effectively manage risk

ActiveNav, the data privacy and governance software provider, announced the launch of a new software category: Data Mapping as a Service (“DMaaS”). DMaaS will transform the way data professionals manage their data universe by giving them actionable insights that can aid in a range of risk management tasks. As part of this category creation, ActiveNav is changing the future of data mapping with the release of a new product: ACTIVE-Inventory. ACTIVE-Inventory provides privacy, security, legal, IT, and compliance teams with an always-on, single-pane view into their data repositories to understand the health, risk, and value of their data.

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More than ever, companies are awash in data, yet most lack a general awareness about the data they have, why they have it, how it’s secured, and where it’s stored. According to Gartner: “unlike many regulatory standards, modern privacy laws demand a fundamental transformation in how personal data is managed and cannot be dismissed with a narrow checkbox mentality” (Gartner subscription required).

ACTIVE-Inventory empowers companies to use their information effectively and deliver business value by bringing together data from a diverse range of sources to provide an always-on map with data health and actionable insights.

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“Like a Fitbit helps you track your fitness over time, ACTIVE-Inventory tracks the health of your data so that you can understand its risk and value as part of your privacy, compliance, and data minimization programs,” said Dean Gonsowski, Esq., Chief Revenue Officer, ActiveNav. “Data mapping exercises have been attempted for decades but they were always fraught with instant obsolescence since they were based upon snapshots in time and custodian interviews. DMaaS will completely transform how companies’ approach and manage their data mapping initiatives.”

Identifying data that is stale, large, or duplicative helps organizations find and attend to areas within their data universe that need attention. ACTIVE-Inventory is delivered through a high performance, cloud-hosted inventory platform which monitors content on-premises and in the cloud.

ACTIVE-Inventory helps enterprises, federal agencies, and public sector entities:
1.    Build actionable data maps in minutes with an easy-to-use, always-on map of assets
2.    Understand their data health score with a low footprint and minimal network impact
3.    Anonymously benchmark against industry peers with highly usable visualizations

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