Boldon James And INFODAS Partner to Deliver an End-to-End Solution for Email Messages

Boldon James Ltd, a leading technology company providing integration with powerful data security and governance ecosystems to enable customers to effectively classify data, enforce controls and manage data distribution, announced it has partnered with Germany’s leading cross-domain solutions company INFODAS to provide NATO nations, military and defense organizations with the ability to email securely across different security domains.

The two organizations have been working together to develop a trusted labeling solution required for NATO’s stringent standards to ensure a highly secure approach. With military and defense organizations challenged with sending emails across multiple security domains, Boldon James and INFODAS have integrated their respective products to deliver a common work environment.

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Boldon James SAFEmail Military Messaging enforces communication protocols and delivers leading-edge ‘ defense ready’ secure messaging to NATO and other defense forces. For the past 20 years, Boldon James has been leading the way with Military Messaging Handling Systems (MMHS) using Microsoft Exchange as the core messaging service. SAFEmail enables the safe handling and control of a wide range of sensitive data from unclassified data to the high levels of restricted Government Classifications across a variety of messaging environments.

INFODAS SDoT Security Gateway delivers bi-directional data exchange and filtering of structured and unstructured data objects. Designed and manufactured in Germany SDoT products are accredited to meet the highest security requirements of the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI), EU and NATO. For the past decade, it has been used in the toughest mission-critical environments around the world. As a cross-domain solution, the SDoT information exchange gateway or data guard solves complex data exchange and protection challenges of government, defense, and critical infrastructure clients while ensuring logical separation of security domains.

Both companies have been working on supporting specific NATO standards for several years and have a strong heritage working with the military, homeland security, intelligence, and civil agencies. This has involved supporting the full evolution of relevant NATO STANAGs (Standard NATO Agreements) from early draft revisions through to the latest versions agreed by member nations.

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Alan Borland, SAFEmail Product Manager at Boldon James said: “With NATO labeling and data protection approaches evolving to address new threats and opportunities, Boldon James continues to innovate to meet these demands. Closely aligning our military messaging and data classification solutions with INFODAS cross-domain solutions this enables us to offer an end-to-end solution that supports the emerging NATO standards. Boldon James provides the data classification element and INFODAS provides the information exchange gateway (IEG).”

Dr Alexander Schellong, VP Global Business at INFODAS comments: “Clients for some time have asked us for an integrated end-to-end solution of these highly complementary products and we delivered. This new partnership enables a broad range of multidomain data sharing scenarios. Our solution solves a key challenge in domestic and international military and government digitization projects to protect sensitive data while sharing any data that could be shared to fulfill their mission. Together with Boldon James, we will ensure that our joint solutions are applicable for both NATO organizations and commercial environments, not just today but well into the future.”

The two organizations are at the Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise (CWIX) 2020 (8th to 25th June 2020) which demonstrates the resilience of NATO and partner nations as they continue to innovate in order to improve interoperability. During CWIX, Boldon James and INFODAS will be working with NATO to showcase proof of concepts to deliver the trusted labeling required for the new NATO STANAG 4774/4778. The new STANAG 4774 Confidentiality Label includes the traditional classification and caveats seen in email labeling and critically now includes additional metadata, such as the creator of the label, the creation time, the expiry time, and much more. The Metadata Binding Standard (STANAG 4778) is the companion document to the Confidentiality Labelling Standard and provides a consistent method for binding the Confidentiality Label to the information throughout its lifecycle, and between the sharing parties.

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