Data Privacy App TIKI Unveils TIKI Knowledge Graph

New feature aggregates billions of anonymous user data points to ethically source marketing insights for businesses

TIKI, a revolutionary new data-privacy app that pledges to return data ownership to its users, announced the completion and integration of its latest feature – the TIKI Knowledge Graph.

The TIKI Knowledge Graph aggregates billions of anonymous user data points to produce valuable, contextual, real-time consumer insights. These highly accurate consumer insights are packaged and sold to businesses through the TIKI data marketplace without any identifying information about the user; the user then earns a portion of this profit. A comprehensive picture of large groups of anonymous user data can be used by data-driven businesses for efficient targeting, customer understanding, financial decisions, and more.

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An increased emphasis on data privacy is changing the methodology in marketing and advertising. TIKI’s Knowledge Graph enables businesses to train AI, build reports, execute campaigns, extract data, etc., while users remain anonymous and get compensated fairly for providing the data powering the technology. This unique and revolutionary model sets a standard for the future that puts users at the center of data-driven decision-making, creating an ethical data marketplace that benefits both users and businesses.

“TIKI’s Knowledge Graph is a different approach to data and business intelligence. Its anonymity protects both users and businesses,” said TIKI Founder and CEO Mike Audi, “Its structure and breadth will enable better decision-making for businesses than the worrisome tracking systems we’ve all experienced.”

TIKI has seen explosive growth since its inception in December 2020, with over 127,000 registered users on their waitlist with 30,000 actively participating in their private beta. Already, tens of millions of data points are powering the Knowledge Graph. The company’s approach to data privacy puts users in control by offering them simple “swipe right” and “swipe left” technology for opting out of tracking, like Facebook’s facial recognition, or opting in to sharing their data in exchange for money, like their email data. All TIKI users remain 100% anonymous with user data encrypted at device level on the users’ phones; it’s never shared or stored via the cloud.

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