SocialMiningAi Launches Engagements, an Automated and Dynamic AI Texting Platform

SocialMiningAi’s launch of Engagements, their new automated and dynamic Ai texting platform, to its Ai customer acquisition platform sets the stage for a robust roadmap of Ai centered innovations for the dealer.

SocialMiningAi, Inc., a customer acquisition platform that uses artificial intelligence to turn social intent and web activity into opportunities, today announced the launch of an all-new automated texting platform called Engagements. Engagements is designed to automate, simplify and consistently deliver touch points for leads, prospects and customers.

“SocialMiningAi is incredibly excited about it’s most recent release to bring a fully automated and dynamic Ai driven texting platform to service the automotive industry we all love! You must experience Engagements to fully appreciate just how intuitive and robust the solutions it provides to everyday problems for dealers and their employees. Now with Engagements you let SocialMiningAi do the heavy lifting, sift through the lookers, and get to truly qualified inquiries.” said SocialMiningAi’s Founder & CEO, Greg Cooper.

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SocialMiningAi’s Engagements platform automates and completes the mundane, repetitive and time consuming touch points that demand so much of the dealership’s time, energy and effort. Engagements empower the dealer to utilize their efforts and energy on the most crucial, urgent and engaged opportunities that are ready to do business now. Engagements provides dealers with texting one on one conversations and bulk texting campaigns at scale.

“Texting has become the most effective way for dealers to communicate with their customers. Not only do we find unique opportunities from all social media platforms but with Engagements we empower end users to effectively and efficiently communicate with these opportunities and all their leads, prospects and customers to ensure they deliver a memorable, best-in-class customer experience every time,” said SocialMiningAi’s Co-Founder and COO, Adam Maher.

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