Japan’s Ministry of the Environment Uses Box to Improve Efficiency and Power Hybrid Work

Box enabled all Ministry of the Environment’s staff to work remotely, while also enhancing productivity and security

Box, Inc., the leading Content Cloud, announced a renewed partnership with Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. With Box, the Ministry of the Environment will digitize and streamline administrative operations contributing to improved productivity and better public services by transforming the work styles of employees. The Ministry of the Environment will also benefit from Box’s advanced security features.

“Declaration for the Creation of the World’s Most Advanced IT Nation and the Basic Plan for the Promotion of Public-Private Data Utilization”

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In accordance with the “Declaration for the Creation of the World’s Most Advanced IT Nation and the Basic Plan for the Promotion of Public-Private Data Utilization,” the Ministry of the Environment was previously operating a network system to share information among staff and within the organization. This system served to digitize and streamline administrative operations. The Ministry of the Environment has also worked to strengthen the overall security of this network system. To this end, the Ministry has defined the essential operations that must be maintained within the organization as emergency priority operations, and the fundamental operations necessary to execute administration and secure the work environment.

In line with the renewal of the Ministry’s network system, the Ministry started using the Box as a platform to enable all employees to collaborate and perform their work safely and securely, whether they are working in office, remotely, or working at home with the “COVID-19 pandemic”, in accordance with the cloud-by-default policy. Box enables the Ministry to satisfy the two conflicting elements of security and operational efficiency more than ever before.

With Box, employees are now able to manage the organization’s content centrally with unlimited storage capacity and access (view, edit, share, etc.) the content they need from home or the office. This promotes work style reform and enables the Ministry’s workforce to be more productive and focused. In terms of information security, in addition to countermeasures against viruses and malware, the use of Box also strengthens the Ministry’s security posture and defense against serious issues such as internal fraud or information leaks. Box is also being used as a foundation for the electronic management and compliance-related retention of administrative documents.

With the adoption of Box, information security and digital management of administrative documents have been further enhanced. As a result of these work style reforms, it is expected that the Ministry’s employees are able to focus more on higher-value work, improving productivity, promoting environmental administration, providing better administrative services and service to the public.

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