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OneTrust Announces Mobile App Consent Solution for GDPR and IAB Europe Compliance

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OneTrust, the global leader in privacy management and marketing compliance with 1,500 customers, including 200 of the Global 2,000, announced OneTrust Mobile App Consent, a solution that integrates mobile consent and preference management into the market-leading OneTrust Marketing Compliance suite. OneTrust Mobile App Consent will be available in August and helps companies collect and document user consent on mobile apps, supporting compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ePrivacy Directive, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other global privacy regulations.

OneTrust Mobile App Consent helps companies integrate the following capabilities into native mobile apps:

  1. Initial Consent Acceptance on App Load: Some organizations, for example publishers, have requirements to capture consent prior to the user accessing the app in order to comply with targeted advertising or other data processing related requirements.
  2. Just-in-Time Consent Interfaces: Rather than ask for consent up front, many app developers and user experience professionals prefer to have consent requests be more contextual and provided “just-in-time” when the user is accessing a certain app feature that requires access to an additional set of data that the user must consent to.
  3. Mobile App Privacy Preference Center: Consent and preferences indicated by the end user is centrally maintained and can be accessed from within the app, or outside the app in a centralized preference center.
  4. Proof and Records of “Content Receipts”: To support compliance with regulations such as GDPR, all consent history provided by the user is maintained in a central consent receipt database.
  5. Consent and Marketing Analytics Dashboards: Dashboards and metrics help organizations understand the overall effectiveness of their consent program.
  6. Sync Consent Preferences to Integrated Systems: Changes to a user’s consent are reflected within the OneTrust consent database and synced with any integrated systems, such as marketing automation and CRM tools.

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OneTrust Mobile App Consent is highly tailorable to allow organisations to build custom on-brand user interfaces and fully integrated into the OneTrust Universal Consent and Preference Management solution for a consistent consent experience across an organisation’s web and mobile platforms. OneTrust Mobile App Consent also leverages the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework so companies can deliver targeted mobile ads based on the user’s consent preferences. OneTrust Consent for Mobile is available for native and web apps and can be easily deployed via the OneTrust Mobile App Consent Software Development Kit (SDK).

Blake Brannon
Blake Brannon

“Organisations globally rely on OneTrust to power the backbone of their marketing compliance activities,” said Blake Brannon, VP of Product, OneTrust. “Our size, scale and maturity in the online marketing consent, enterprise preference center and cookie consent use cases make this new mobile app solution an obvious extension to our market leading platform. In addition, our partnership with IAB Europe added a deeper layer of support for publishers globally who are looking to comply with data-driven advertising consent standards.”

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