Rakuten Marketing Whitepaper Reviews US Compliance Framework for GDPR

Provides Expert Insight on the Value of Gathering Consent for Advertisers & Publishers

Rakuten Marketing, a leading technology company that enables marketers to increase sales through data-driven performance marketing, recently announced the availability of a new whitepaper that reviews the US compliance framework for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This data-rich resource also provides expert insight on the impact GDPR will have on US advertisers and publishers, ways European citizens are responding to the new legislation and action brands need to take to become GDPR-compliant by the May 25 deadline.

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The digital marketing and advertising industry generates a massive amount of consumer data, valuable in increasing brand awareness and loyalty; driving customer acquisition and retention; and, ultimately, fueling online sales. GDPR, approved by the EU Parliament on April 14, 2016, is a data protection legislation that directly impacts US businesses who market and sell to EU citizens. The regulation is the result of the escalation of intrusive digital marketing practices and poor online advertising that has created negative experiences and sentiment for online consumers. As the legal framework governing the use of personal data across EU markets, GDPR sets a strict, new standard for consumer privacy and data security.

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Once into enforcement, GDPR will impact US advertisers and publishers. Aside from financial penalties, (up to four percent of their global turnover or 20 million euros – whichever is greatest), brands will no longer have easy access to consumer data. At first glance, this may be seen as a negative hit to the industry, but in reality, the regulation provides an important opportunity for brands to improve and deliver more consumer-friendly and consumer-desired ads and online marketing experiences. Similarly, GDPR provides consumers with the opportunity to take complete control over personal data they allow advertisers and publishers to collect and use through digital marketing and advertising programs.

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Rakuten Marketing’s whitepaper titled ‘Defining the GDPR Impact on Digital Advertising’ shares insights into the foundation that advertisers and publishers need to understand to be compliant with GDPR. It explores the benefits of gathering consent for GDPR-compliant brands, how to support the delivery of more consumer-friendly ads and online marketing experiences, and the resulting impact to advertisers, publishers and consumers.

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Tony Zito
Tony Zito

“The GDPR-compliance deadline is here and it’s more important than ever for marketers to have solid knowledge and understanding of the regulation, its impact and how to strategically develop and execute campaigns consumers love,” stated Tony Zito, CEO, Rakuten Marketing. “This document arms advertisers and publishers with valuable information and expert insights that help achieve GDPR and market success.”

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