Social Media Censors Game Changing Consumer Privacy Product

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Video evidence recently surfaced that well known Internet sites and services have been using wording similar to the SohoStar Corporation’s trademark to shadow-ban, deboost, and censor posts, including product announcements and advertising.

David Roland, SohoStar’s president, claims the launch of the security product “The Red Pill” has been censored by many Internet applications by blocking searches, posts, and even suggesting false reports of potential data theft, what do they fear?

The Red Pill is a US made personal Internet appliance (PCS) designed to provide privacy, cyber-security and enhanced social media.

SohoStar developed The Red Pill family of products to make Internet communications more convenient, secure, and private. The PCS not only provides a single point of control for your email and social media, but the built-in social media application – Fifth, coordinates all of your contacts, sharing, web hosting, email, VoIP, and chats in a single easy to use interface which stores your information in your Home or Small Business network where it is legally protected.

Roland goes on to say, “we are being trained to accept insecurity as the status quo, but not at SohoStar! We have designed products to change the paradigm – to put the user back in control of who has access to information and content.”

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“The way to keep pedophiles and identity thieves away from your home and family is to not store information on third party servers and not give unprotected access to social media where your personal information is sold on the open market – and that includes sharing Geo-located posted photos of your children, their schools, and their friends,” Roland states.

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“People don’t realize that the sites you use most often have collaborated to build a complete financial, social and political profile on every user. This is exploited to sway your perceptions of political candidates, influence elections, affect your buying decisions, and shame you into actions, compromises, and practices you wouldn’t do without social pressure. To claim ‘I have nothing to hide‘ is pure ignorance when the Mueller investigation’s indictments are mostly based on prior-evidence perjury traps. Shouldn’t you care about protecting your home, family and reputation?”

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