Soli Solutions Partners with Qonsent to Ensure Data Privacy, Transparency, and Trust

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Sustainability meets data privacy for the future of consumer and brand engagement

Soli, the company that activates corporate sustainability on an individual level to increase brand engagement, today announced a partnership with Qonsent, the Performance Privacy™ and consent experience platform, to offer consumers more control over their personal data when engaging with brands and related sustainability initiatives.

Growing awareness and increasing demand by consumers for climate action continue to expand as individuals look to support brands with similar values. However, with the rise of the purpose-driven consumer, brands are struggling to find a way to build trust and connect with people to close the gap between intention and action.

“Soli’s relationship with Qonsent is based on the two organizations having similar missions: strengthening the relationship between brands and consumers.”

— Bill Leslie, CEO

Soli activates a brand’s sustainability to increase engagement and, with the company’s patented technology, carbon offset tons are broken down into fractionalized bits that a brand can attach to everyday purchases, which makes for a seamless customer experience. Customers ‘own’ the fractional carbon offsets and credits from their experience or transaction with a brand, allowing them to steer a brand’s sustainability investments by personally selecting relevant carbon offset projects.

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“Soli’s relationship with Qonsent is based on the two organizations having similar missions: strengthening the relationship between brands and consumers,” stated Soli CEO Bill Leslie. “While Soli’s focus is activating sustainability to increase brand engagement, Qonsent’s goal is to provide transparency between brands and consumers where data is involved.”

For marketers, Soli’s program allows brands to develop targeted ROI-driven marketing campaigns to align with relevant environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals. Now, through the company’s partnership with Qonsent, the consumer data that fuel these campaigns is captured via first-party consent. This allows brands to be transparent with consumers about data privacy policies while also establishing a relationship built on trust.

“Data privacy, policies, and legislation are completely reshaping how consumers engage with brands and vice versa,” said Jesse Redniss, CEO and Co-founder, Qonsent. “We’ve found that 94 percent of consumers want to have more control over the information they share with brands and how it’s used, while 77 percent also said that data transparency practices impact their purchasing decisions. And while 86 percent of marketers feel that data privacy legislation will impact engagement and personalization, they understand the need for transparency. This presents a massive opportunity for both consumers and brands to reestablish trust, which is akin to the mission, values, and goals of what Soli is providing in regards to climate impacts.”

“Soli Solutions’ patented platform helps consumers fight climate change with everyday purchases,” Leslie added. “Consumers have been demanding that they be more involved in what brands do, and have a voice in what goes on—both Soli Solutions and Qonsent provide this opportunity to them.”

Qonsent recently conducted research regarding consumer and marketer sentiment towards data privacy. To learn more about the report findings, download the Qonsent white paper: Qonsent Consumer Insights 2022.

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