RedPoint Global Launches Data Management 8.0, A Platform For Optimizing Customer Engagement

Extended Open Garden Connectivity and Universal Cloud Support Provides Brands with the Most Flexible and Scalable Solution for Operationalizing Data

RedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement technology, today announced the availability of RedPoint Data Management 8.0 within the RedPoint Customer Data Platform. With RedPoint Data Management 8.0, organizations can harness massive amounts of data from an ever-growing number of touchpoints to create a truly unified customer profile – all in an expanded open garden environment. With superior real-time performance and business-friendly configuration, RedPoint Data Management 8.0 provides the foundation to support the optimization of customer engagement, now universally available in the cloud.

According to a Gartner estimate, “8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2017, up 31 percent from 2016, and will reach 20.4 billion by 2020.” By some estimations, the amount of data produced annually worldwide will hit 163 zettabytes by 2025, a fact that will only increase the challenges that most organizations face in terms of incomplete and inconsistent versions of customer data across sales, marketing, customer service and other business functions and systems. With RedPoint Data Management 8.0, collecting, cleansing and transforming data from structured and unstructured sources can all be executed both on premise and in the cloud – creating the most flexible and open platform for building the most persistent and complete view of a customer.

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“The increase in data volume, variety and velocity means that data and analytics leaders must seek out modern data quality tools with advanced analytics, intelligent capabilities, diverse deployment options and alternative pricing models,” according to Gartner, RedPoint Global customers have already implemented RedPoint Data Management 8.0 and are achieving as much as 99% reduction in data cycle times enabling them to effectively orchestrate engagement with their customers in real-time.

Redpoint Global Launches Data Management 8.0, A Platform For Optimizing Customer Engagement
Dale Renner

RedPoint Global CEO, Dale Renner, informed, “Brands must have the most accurate, complete and clean data available to deliver on the promise of engaging customers with highly relevant and contextual messages. The linear customer journey as we’ve known it is dead, replaced with a journey of often fragmented experiences that can only be managed with proper data discovery, management and, ultimately, orchestration. Brands that do not compete on the basis of delivering superior customer experiences will not fare well in this age of real-time expectations.”

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RedPoint Data Management 8.0 features include:

  • RESTful Web Services capabilities, which provide the performance and ease-of-use necessary for pervasive customer data and data quality projects. Easier automation enables improvements for real-time and incremental changes, and design flexibility allows for the use of multiple web services.
  • Universal support for cloud platforms, environments, and databases, delivering performance and connectivity in every cloud, on-premises or hybrid environment our customers want. RedPoint Global customers can utilize Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or their own private cloud, confident in RedPoint’s support of the databases, file systems and big data services they need.
  • The ability to easily handle even more enterprise systems with CRM and back-office native connections as well as data warehouse performance improvements. Connector tools mean more robust connectivity with enterprise back-office message service.

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