Stellus Technologies Emerges from Stealth with Data Platform that Drives Massive Data Access Throughputs

Introduces Key-Value over Fabrics Technology to Accelerate Performance for Unstructured Data

Stellus Technologies announced the launch of its Stellus Data Platform, based on the industry’s first Key-Value over Fabrics technology, that can efficiently accelerate by 10x the storing and accessing of the world’s unstructured data. The Stellus Data Platform delivers groundbreaking read and write performance for file and object-based data, necessary for the most demanding data-intensive workloads and applications such as cognitive AI, machine learning, high-speed microscopy, genomic sequencing, and data streaming applications.

“The explosive pace of data creation is driving the need for massive storage and processing of structured and unstructured Big Data in cloud-native environments,” said Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer for Samsung Electronics and Chairman of Stellus. “The introduction of this innovative new-generation file system by Stellus will unleash the full performance of industry-leading memory and storage created by Samsung, and deliver the flexibility and scalability of cloud-native architectures for customers and partners.”

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The Stellus Data Platform is a Software as a Service-based data system that leverages Cloud, Core and Edge infrastructures to enable hyperscale throughput for digital enterprises. Key-Value over Fabrics technology can make unstructured data access faster and more resource efficient than other data storage architectures available today. This innovation allows businesses to capture, store and process increasingly large data sets from an increasing number of data sources, which is critical to power new parallel data analysis workloads.

“We see significant demand from customers looking for the unique combination of Key-Value over Fabrics technology, high-throughput Key-Value Stores and algorithmic data locality,” said Jeff Treuhaft, CEO at Stellus Technologies. “Stellus Data Platform turns storage investments into a massively parallel ‘data computer’ that consistently delivers fast parallel data access performance that scales efficiently for Core, Edge or Cloud-native infrastructures.”

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Unlike traditional file systems for unstructured data that support scale-up or scale-out storage strategies, the Stellus Data Platform allows for scale-through performance and efficiency. The platform uses Key-Value over Fabrics technology to scale-through the hybrid Cloud, Core and Edge infrastructures struggling to keep unstructured data flowing quickly and efficiently enough to the most critical workloads. ESG conducted a technical evaluation to validate the consistent performance of the scale-through architecture, which can be found here (video and whitepaper).

“Stellus gives companies a choice of throughput or capacity or both, all within the same key-value-based platform. It’s no longer about choosing to scale-up or scale-out. Stellus’s ‘Scale-Through’ technology provides digital enterprises with a clear and unprecedented path to efficiently and effectively manage unstructured data at massive throughput and scale. Stellus brings hyperscale capabilities to every digital enterprise, eliminating the requirement to compromise,” said Steve Duplessie, ESG Founder and Senior Analyst.

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