“The Data Wranglers” Podcast Premiers with Leaders in Data Engineering Jeffrey Heer and Joe Hellerstein, Dives Deep Into Modern Data Management

Trifacta, the Data Engineering Cloud, announced the launch of “The Data Wranglers” podcast, which offers insights, deep dives, and short takes on all things data engineering from operations to analytics and everything in between.

The podcast comes at an important time as businesses across all industries and geographies seek ways to be data-driven and turn to cloud data engineering. The Data Wranglers podcast will explore the keys to data engineering and data management with industry experts from a variety of companies, including major public companies to rocketship startups, to academic researchers.

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Joe Hellerstein and Jeffrey Heer, two stalwarts in the data and computer science industries, take the helm as hosts of The Data Wranglers and will be joined by regular guest host Adam Wilson, CEO of Trifacta. All three bring extensive experience that will enlighten conversations and take data discussions to new depths.

“With The Data Wranglers podcast, I’m excited to blend the roster of guests with Joe’s and my research perspective. Not only will we look at current business imperatives, trends, and industry, but we’ll also explore the longer-term view of what new technologies and trends are on the horizon and how that may change how we work with data,“ said Heer. “We will discuss at both the systems level, where we’re talking about databases and orchestrating workflows, and go further to the user level. The podcast will cover everything from what type of new interfaces we will see to what societal issues we have to grapple with as data professionals.”

That research perspective is extensive, as Heer is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Washington, where he directs the Interactive Data Lab. He is also a co-founder and CXO of Trifacta. Heer’s passion is the design of novel user interfaces for exploring, managing, and communicating data. The data visualization tools developed by his lab and collaborators (D3.js, Vega/Vega-Lite, Protovis, Prefuse) are used by thousands of data enthusiasts worldwide.

Hellerstein is the Jim Gray Chair of Computer Science at UC Berkeley, and co-founder and CSO of Trifacta. His career in research and industry has focused on data-centric systems and the way they drive computing. Fortune Magazine included him in their list of 50 smartest people in technology, and MIT’s Technology Review magazine included his work on their TR10 list of the ten technologies “most likely to change our world.”

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The Data Wranglers initial and upcoming episodes feature accomplished guests including:

  • Shirshanka Das, co-founder and CEO of Acryl Data, which supports DataHub open-source. He also brings a decade of experience at LinkedIn.
  • Mike Bostock, creator of D3 and founder of Observable
  • Steven Hillion, founder of Alpine Data and currently Head of Data at Astronomer.io, the enterprise framework for Apache Airflow
  • Jun Rao, co-founder of Confluent and expert in Apache Kafka and Apache Cassandra

New episodes premier on Thursdays. Listeners can find and subscribe to The Data Wranglers podcast on all portals and apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more.

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