o9 Solutions Continues to Deliver Value with its Premier AI-powered Platform for Integrated Planning and Digital Operations

Key Capabilities–Native Connection to Real-Time Sensors and Internet of Things (Iot) Devices, Big Data Performance Driven by Hadoop Backend, Natural Language Search, Digital Assistants, Smart Tag Email Processing–Are Immediately Available to Manufacturers and Retailers

It’s been more than two years since o9 Solutions announced general availability of its Premier AI-Platform for Integrated Planning and Digital Operations. Since that time, o9 has continued to develop highly differentiated capabilities, which it will be showcasing at this year’s Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, May 13-16.

Powered by the Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) technology and cutting-edge artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms, the o9 platform enables enterprises to dramatically improve the efficiency and maturity of planning processes and truly enable the “self-driving” supply chain. With support for both structured/unstructured data, advanced AI/ML capabilities like Natural Language Processing (NLP), and email/Excel integration with smart tagging, the o9 platform provides unmatched capabilities to collaborate and optimize planning and operations. The o9 platform also natively connects to real-time sensors and IoT devices and addresses big data storage needs with a Hadoop enabled backend optimized for planning performance.

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In addition to out-of-the box algorithms, the o9 platform provides native integration to a variety of open source AI/ML libraries such as R and Python where customers can leverage algorithms written by their own data scientists or data analysis teams.

“Unlike some of our competitors who are cobbling together modules built with 30-year-old technology and calling it a ‘platform,’ we are built from the ground up with the latest technology to be AI-enabled, multi-tenant and cloud native. Our patent-pending Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) based platform enables companies to create optimized plans, sense demand and supply changes in real time, understand the implications of those changes on the end-to-end supply chain instantaneously, automatically analyze trade-offs using advanced AI and machine learning capabilities and recommend prescriptive actions to maximize profitability. In the age of Google and self-driving cars, it’s high time enterprise systems caught up,” said Chakri Gottemmukkala, CEO of o9 Solutions.

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“Old module-based technology has failed to deliver the value because of inherent limitations to enable truly integrated scenario planning, long implementation cycles, poor adoption and quick obsolescence in rapidly changing business environments. o9’s integrated and flexible cloud-based platform, built with the latest AI/ML technologies, can deliver on the long-promised vision for integrated planning and digital operations. Our platform was built on open architecture principles which future-proofs our customers as well adds the ability for them, and partners, to build new applications and workflows,” said Igor Rikalo, COO of o9 Solutions.

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