Rapid Insight and Tableau Partner to Empower Customers with Seamless Data Analysis and Visualization Solutions

Data-driven decision-making just got easier. The Tableau Data Extract API connects Rapid Insight users’ models to Tableau’s powerful visualization tools.

Rapid Insight Inc. and Tableau Software, whose technology partnership enables a simple means of integrating predictive modeling and data visualization, are excited to share some of the positive results that their customers have achieved.

Taking advantage of the Tableau Data Extract API has made it easy to incorporate Rapid Insight models into the Tableau visualization products. Both products follow a similar visual workflow, allowing users to build powerful models, visualizations, and decision support systems. Rapid Insight and Tableau are both committed to making it easy to use data to drive decision-making.

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“To get the maximum value from predictive modeling, end business users need to present and share results that are easily digestible and in the context of their work,” said Michael Laracy, Rapid Insight’s President and Founder. “We provide a foundation where clients can quickly extract and transform data from multiple disparate sources into predictive models and then pass the results directly to Tableau for visualizations that are effective for the end users. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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At the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, data manager Jeffrey Collis has leveraged Rapid Insight’s data prep and predictive modeling solutions to develop a system that permits campus-wide stakeholders with instant access to important insights. Collis has built multiple jobs that, through Rapid Insight’s fully automated output process to Tableau, constantly update a series of Tableau dashboards. These visualizations ensure that deans, enrollment managers, provosts, and vice chancellors have timely enrollment data at their fingertips.

“I can’t imagine life without Rapid Insight’s tool, or trying to do all that in Tableau without it,” said Collis.

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