Decibel Launches New Digital Experience Intelligence Scoring Capability

Digital Experience Intelligence Platform Offers Unique Capability to Quantify Multiple Facets of Online Experience

Decibel, the leader in digital experience intelligence innovation for enterprise businesses, has announced the launch of its Digital Experience Intelligence platform at this week’s Adobe Summit. The platform uses a new dataset and machine learning to automatically score the quality of digital customer experience. This intelligence is designed to help marketers further maximize opportunities to improve experiences across every digital touchpoint.

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Decibel, formerly known as Decibel Insight, provides real-time intelligence that enables businesses to measure and improve online customer experiences — at scale.

Poor Digital Experience Cost US Businesses $62 Billion in 2016

According to Forbes, poor digital experience cost US businesses $62 billion in 2016. Users expect a flawless experience, and brand loyalty suffers if any part of the online transaction is not seamless. Though businesses recognize the importance of mitigating pain points, they are still struggling to improve their offering when the nature of ‘experience’ is so elusive and relying on secondary research to gain customer insight is insufficient.

Digital Experience Score: The Crux of Digital Experience Intelligence Platform 

Experience is subjective, personal and qualitative in nature. This makes it difficult to quantify, especially online, where visibility into how customers behave is obscured by a transaction that takes place remotely on a personal device. Decibel has developed a unique ability to understand digital body language and objectively establish user state of mind. It is the first time that qualitative customer insight has been available at a quantitative scale.

Built on a flexible, fast, open API, Decibel makes it easy to integrate and export smart experience data to enrich your entire stack or model in-house.

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The cornerstone of the Digital Experience Intelligence platform is the Digital Experience Score (DXS®). This innovative scoring system uses the new dataset to calculate a comprehensive metric which accurately and objectively measures customer experience on websites and apps. The DXS looks at key aspects of visitor interactions, including engagement, navigation, forms, technical performance and frustration, and rolls them into a singular score that businesses can use to understand and benchmark digital experience.

DXS Is a Complement to Traditional Net Promotor Score

The DXS is a complement to traditional Net Promotor Score (NPS) methodologies used by many brands and builds on what NPS offers. The DXS improves on previous capabilities by allowing brands to understand the digital behavior and experience of every customer, not only those who give feedback or respond to a survey, providing a complete picture and empowering businesses to measure change and flag issues.

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Key assets of Decibel’s Digital Experience Intelligence platform include —

  • Collect – Website and native app experience data; modern, flexible, fast API data
  • Enrich – Comprehensive set of smarter experience metrics
  • Measure – Experience score for each interaction type
  • Analyze – Automatic surfacing of specific user behavior and unusual experiences
  • Activate – API for fast integration with other technologies and external sources

This launch comes on the heels of a year of tremendous growth for Decibel, which has recently culminated in a rebrand. In 2017, the company doubled its employee headcount across its London, Boston, and Denver offices and closed a $9 million Series A round, with funds raised to scale the business and innovate technology, such as the Digital Experience Intelligence platform. To further support its growing footprint and bolster its technical prowess, the company will look to make several executive appointments in 2018.

More Details on the Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud

Another major win has been Decibel’s deepened relationship and integration with Adobe Experience Cloud. Decibel and Adobe customers benefit from the ability to conduct scalable behavioral reporting linked to Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud. This provides an enriched view of visitor experience and a deep understanding of the behavioral cause-and-effect behind website performance.

Today, Adobe also announced enhancements to Adobe Cloud Platform, the Experience System of Record, to provide a complete, real-time view of consumers along their journeys. Decibel will continue to collaborate with Adobe to ensure joint customers deliver the best experiences possible to their customers by leveraging a truly unified profile.

DXS Component Breaks Through the Barriers Pervasive with NPS

Ben Harris, the CEO at Decibel, said, “Brands recognize that high-quality experiences build long-term value in loyal customers, but are realizing that they don’t have measures needed to manage and optimize it. Digital Experience Intelligence uses our understanding of what happens between clicks to proactively feed enriched intelligence on each visitor, website, and app into marketing stacks to enable meaningful personalization. The DXS component breaks through the barriers pervasive with NPS to give executives a more reliable way to quantify experience and track team performance.”

Amit Ahuja, Vice President, Adobe Experience Cloud Partners and Ecosystem Innovation, Adobe, said, “Delivering amazing customer experiences is paramount for successful brands today. We’ve had a great collaboration with Decibel over the last year and look forward to helping our shared clients drive even more powerful, data-driven experiences for their customers.”

Decibel’s Digital Experience Intelligence Platform Captures Unique Experience Data

Pioneering the world’s first technology designed specifically to quantify experiences, Decibel’s Digital Experience Intelligence platform captures unique experience data, enriched by machine learning, to reveal digital body language, understand user state of mind and pinpoint problem areas on your website, web applications and native apps.

The go-to, universal metric for measuring experiences online, the Digital Experience Score (DXS®), automatically rates the quality of experiences and can be segmented across your entire digital offering, and audience for immediate insight into where the biggest wins lie. This intelligence powers best-in-class forensic tools that allow digital teams to investigate exactly how and where to optimize for better experiences.

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