Domo Ranked a Top Vendor in Dresner Advisory Services Analytical Platforms Market Study

Domo announced today it ranked as a top vendor in Dresner Advisory Services’ inaugural Analytical Platforms Market Study. Analytical platforms are defined as integrated technology environments that include all needed functionality to support multiple analytical/BI use cases without requiring additional technologies.

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“Analytical platforms really need to have a critical mass of core analytical and BI functionality as a single-vendor technology provider”

In the report, Domo’s success in providing self-service BI, data science and machine learning, cloud support, data engineering and embedded BI for its customers were highlighted as reasons for the company’s top ranking. The rankings were established through vendor ratings based on confirmed functionality and weighted by user and analyst importance.

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Dresner Advisory Services is a trusted name and thought leader in business intelligence and performance management. This recognition is Domo’s fourth top Dresner ranking in 2021, which includes the 2021 Dresner Wisdom of Crowds® BI Market Study, Dresner 2021 Self Service Business Intelligence Market Study and the Dresner Advisory Services’ 2021 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study.

“Analytical platforms really need to have a critical mass of core analytical and BI functionality as a single-vendor technology provider,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer for Dresner Advisory Services. “As organizations increasingly rely on technology vendors to understand and interpret their data, we believed it was time to take a closer look into the latest generation of analytical platforms. We congratulate Domo on their strong ranking in our first Analytical Platforms report.”

“In an increasingly unpredictable world, timely analytics helps organizations move and respond more quickly. Domo’s fully integrated, cloud-native platform helps customers rapidly get value from all their data by giving customers a seamless way to leverage modern BI and apps to keep business moving forward,” said Josh James, CEO and founder of Domo.

Dresner Advisory Services was formed by Howard Dresner, an independent analyst, author, lecturer, and business adviser. Dresner Advisory Services, LLC focuses on creating and sharing thought leadership for Business Intelligence (BI) and related areas. Research in its Wisdom of Crowds® series is based on data collected on usage and deployment trends, products and vendors.

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