Event-led Engagement Platform Airmeet Launches New 360° Analytics to Provide Deeper Data and Analytics on Virtual Event Performance

Airmeet, a leading event-led engagement platform, today unveiled ‘Airmeet 360° Analytics’ — a measurement solution intended to track and analyze event performance. The new functionality will be available to event organizers this month and will track everything from registrations to engagement and sponsor-generated ROI in-real time throughout the duration of an event.

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Airmeet’s platform is designed to capture an exhaustive set of over 50 data points to provide organizers with real-time event insights. Backed by these data points, the new 360° Analytics solution will allow organizers to  quantify overall event success, track session performance, measure audience engagement across segments, monitor booth visitor statistics, personalize post-event follow ups, and plan event content for future events.

Airmeet 360° Analytics comes equipped with multiple dashboards and a segment builder. The dashboards are built to provide granular insights, such as topics that piqued attendee interest, in addition to the specific mode(s) of engagement preferred by audiences, the ROI generated for sponsors, and more. The segment builder will allow organizers to build audiences based on  various engagement parameters and later use them to run targeted marketing campaigns and send personalized post-event communications.

“Since its inception, Airmeet has been at the forefront of innovation around virtual events. We are passionate about adding features that can make a huge difference in the way organizers approach virtual events. This powerful analytics module is intended to make it easy for organizers to track and measure event success rate in real-time,” said CEO and Co-founder Lalit Mangal.

The analytics module will be available for use across all events, including multi-day conferences, trade shows, networking events, marketing webinars, and town halls.

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