Google to Acquire Velostrata, a Leader in Enterprise Cloud Migration Technology

Google Recently Announced the Agreement to Acquire Velostrata

Google announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Israel-based Velostrata, a leader in enterprise cloud migration technology.

As more and more enterprises move to the cloud, many need a simple way to migrate from on-premises and adopt the cloud at their own pace. This helps them take advantage of what the cloud has to offer—speed, scalability, and access to technologies like advanced data analytics and machine learning.

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With Velostrata, Google Cloud customers will not only be able to adapt their workloads on-the-fly for cloud execution, but also decouple their compute from storage without performance degradation. “Velostrata’s patented solution allows workloads to transparently migrate to the public cloud in minutes by decoupling compute from storage without degrading performance. Stateful workloads are adapted on the fly for cloud execution. Customers can either migrate their entire data-centers or operate in a hybrid cloud environment and migrate workloads on-demand,” informs Issy Ben-Shaul, CEO and Co-Founder, Velostrata.

Google to Acquire Velostrata, a Leader in Enterprise Cloud Migration Technology

This acquisition will add to the broad portfolio of Google’s migration tools to support enterprises in their journey to the cloud. That way, businesses can simplify their onboarding process to Google Cloud Platform, and easily migrate workloads to Google Compute Engine.

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“Over the years, Google Cloud has made significant investments in building a robust global cloud infrastructure that delivers industry-leading availability, reliability and security. Google Cloud continues to innovate with advanced compute and services platforms. We are proud to join forces and help pave the way for enterprise customers to transform their most demanding enterprise workloads on Google Cloud Platform,” adds Ben-Shaul.

The Velostrata team will be joining Google’s Tel Aviv office, post-acquisition

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