Introducing Advanced Extension from Advanced Contextual

First to market KPI result driven contextual audience extension, extending reach and performance

Advanced Contextual, a comprehensive contextual platform designed for the post-cookie and privacy enhanced world, announced the first to market programmatic audience extension product. Advanced Extension provides a future-proof safe harbor that scales and performs, providing brands with needed capabilities to reach more of their target audience more effectively and frequently.

Key to brands navigating a world where the cookie and related 3P data are quickly disappearing is a solution that can provide them with intelligence and activation to target audiences outside of endemic content. Advanced Extension builds on Advanced Contextual’s unparalleled capabilities in topic-based contextual audience extension by including the brand’s KPI achievement in a topic.

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“KPI and relevance driven audience extension has to be part of the open web’s post cookie and third party data world”, said Dave Hills, CEO of Advanced Contextual. “The simple fact is that 50% of programmatic impressions have no ID attached and that number was 100% as recently as three years ago. With this release we allow brands to safely leverage their achieved KPI’s along with relevance and comp index, which we provide. The result is a power rating for non endemic content which will scale and perform.”

Context as a targeting signal in programmatic advertising will rise from its historic attach rate of 8 to 10 percent to likely 60% to 65% in the next two years. Just recently Google announced that its FLoC product will migrate to topics, albeit behavioral topics which likely do not survive the impending changes in programmatic audience targeting. Advanced Contextual believes these are half measure moves by walled gardens to preserve their ability to obfuscate and limit brand controls over where they place and optimize ads. Advanced Extension provides a new bar for programmatic targeting by placing controls in the brand’s hands and giving them the transparency they need to control how and where ads are placed.

“We’ve come to depend on Advanced Contextual for innovative, scale and performant solutions to leverage context on the open web”, said Mike Kujanek, CEO of Magnitude Digital. “When we look into a future where KPI’s like LTV become permanent being able to programmatically leverage that data will allow us to achieve more efficient KPI’s and broader reach.”

Building on Advanced Contextual’s topic-first approach, the platform will now provide brands with both a topic comp index score and their KPI. The topics with the highest affinity and best KPI performance will achieve the highest ratings and the most spend in plans done by Advanced Contextual.

“We think the walled gardens will continue to fight any effort to increase control and transparency in programmatic activation and optimization which provides opportunities for the open web,” said Andy Crossen, CTO of Advanced Contextual. “We look at Google’s recent nod to topics and wonder how behavioral topics survive in the future. So we took an innovative approach of combining relevance and KPI efficiency in building Advanced Extension and our customers, we think, will reward us with increased spend.”

Marketing Technology News: Digital Marketer Spot On Acquires Smart Traffic Consulting

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