Local Search Engine Optimization by Online Advantages is the Focus of New Guide

The Guide Covers a Number of Topics Including Organic Versus Local SEO and the Importance of a Local SEO Audit

Matt Maglodi, founder of the full service and in-demand Digital Marketing Company Online Advantages, is pleased to announce that he has posted a new guide to his company’s website that takes an in-depth look at local search engine optimization.

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As the new guide notes, businesses that have a strong local presence, including targeted localized content, will have a crucial edge in the post-pandemic world. This is why understanding how local SEO can help to boost a business is such a key part of any campaign.

The guide begins by explaining the difference between organic and local SEO. Although having a strong online presence on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are important, it is not enough.

While organic SEO positions and ranks a business’s content against everyone else in the same niche using specific keywords, organic results may also pull up from across the country or world. This means a local business may remain unseen by an ideal audience.

“Local search engine optimization is different, although it works on similar principles as organic SEO,” the guide notes, adding that localized content, location services, and regularly updated Google My Business listings help nearby customers looking for a company’s products and services contact the business more easily and efficiently.

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Because research shows that the majority of Google searches are initiated on a mobile device, this indicates that people are looking for products and services in their own areas.

Rather than relying on organic search, savvy search marketers should use targeted signals to attract local search results, which will be more relevant to their intended market.

“The easiest way to make your results ‘local’ is to simply add the name of the city, town, or area to your content to localize it.”

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