Market Research Startup Brings Affordable Brand Audit Solutions to Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Launched in 2020, Brand Auditor instantly became a leading solution for affordable yet professional brand evaluations.

Leveraging a streamlined market research and data analytics system, the solution mimics industry-standard brand audit frameworks used by Fortune 500 companies. Designed for small-scale brand feedback analysis for SMEs, brand audit prices are starting as low as $500.

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All audits are user-configurable with selectable audit scopes, business type, the target audience for feedback collection, and market research size.

Before Brand Auditor, small businesses only had smoke-and-mirror solutions

While frequent and continuous brand auditing is a well-defined and common process in large companies, high market research costs do not allow startups and small businesses to evaluate their brand strength the same way.

Cheap brand audit reports from freelancers and makeshift alternatives like social signals and web stats-based brand evaluation systems get inaccurate and unreliable insights. Not only providing low information value, but such brand audit solutions are also unable to answer the most important questions, like what people like and dislike about a brand.

Over 1,000 sales within the first 6 months and 100+ excellent reviews confirm that small business owners welcomed the transparent brand audit solution.

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Making it available for everyone

“Instead of competing with marketing agencies, brand consultants, and other professions offering primitive brand audits, we offer mutually beneficial ways to do business together.” – shared Daniel Diosi, co-founder of Brand Auditor.

The company aims to make Brand Auditor an industry-standard brand management tool for startups and SMEs, which is reflected in the business model.

Brand Auditor offers a lucrative affiliate and referral program for marketing professionals, as well as a white-label solution for marketing and branding agencies that prefer to deliver Brand Auditor reports with their own branding.

“Over 65% of orders are coming from our referral network, which is a great sign of market adoption among fellow industry professionals. Our intention is to make professional-level brand audits available to any business at a low price point, not to compete with anyone.” – said Suzanne Dulski, Partnership Manager.

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