Chief Outsiders Welcomes Tech, Healthcare CMO Ann Marie Beasley To Its Team Of Fractional Chief Marketers

Beasley Joins Chief Outsiders After Serving as the Top Marketer for Global Enterprises.

Accomplished marketing leader and strategist Ann Marie Beasley has joined Chief Outsiders, the nation’s leading “Executives-as-a-Service” company of fractional chief marketers. A proponent of integrating marketing with other key business units, Beasley brings her belief that marketers should be treated as a strategic partner and growth facilitator for businesses.

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Beasley joins more than 70 CMOs at Chief Outsiders who work to align SMB and mid-market companies with contemporary go-to-market strategies on a per-need basis. Beasley’s arrival comes on the heels of an already successful career collaborating with B2B and B2B2C companies in the healthcare, technology and security industries to elevate sales and marketing performance as a means of driving growth and industry leadership.

In a notable recent engagement as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Allscripts, Beasley helped drive 30 percent year-over-year (YOY) growth in consultant-led sales wins with a new influencer program at Allscripts. The company also notched a 40 percent YOY increase in Share of Coverage and 22 percent YOY increase in social media engagement as a result of Beasley’s focus on new content strategies, improved media partnerships and strategic use of social media. For both Allscripts, and during a previous engagement at Symantec, Beasley established an Office of Strategy Management, as a means of helping the companies assess M&A targets, define investment models and become positioned company for industry leadership.

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”Ann Marie is an experienced hands-on marketing leader who positions organizations for industry leadership through innovative strategies that accelerate market awareness and revenue growth,” said Slade Kobran, Managing Partner of Chief Outsiders’ Northeast Team. “She is a true change agent and turnaround expert, adept at building highly functional teams that leverage best practices in execution to drive results and win in the marketplace.”

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