Allocadia and Bizible Join Forces to Help Marketers Drive More Impact and Revenue

Strategic Alliance Helps Marketing Teams Understand ROI and Drive Business Growth 

Two marketing technology leaders in our MarTech RADAR 2018, Bizible and Allocadia, have announced a new partnership. The joint offering combines two best-of-breed platforms to help marketers determine where to invest their dollars for optimal impact and revenue performance. The Allocadia and Bizible alliance is another signal of the maturing Marketing Performance Management (MPM) market.

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This timely partnership comes as marketers are becoming more accountable for their contributions to the business. Forrester Research reports the top priority for marketing within global organizations is to improve ROI and effectiveness. The firm also found that top challenges in setting marketing budgets were “attributing program spend to revenue results (56%)”, and “demonstrating a clear return on marketing investment (52%).”

Bizible, a leader in B2B & ABM every-touch marketing attribution, connects all marketing activity (both online and offline) to revenue, enabling credit to be accurately distributed to the marketing channels that are making an impact.

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Allocadia’s Run Marketing Program Continues to Evolve for  Partners and Customers

The latest Allocadia partnership with Bizible is a powerful example of how organizations today are realizing the promises of the Run Marketing movement. The partnership between Allocadia and Bizible combines two best-of-breed technologies that help companies “run marketing,” or optimize and manage where to invest resources for the greatest possible impact and revenue performance.

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“Running marketing” is all about focusing on the operational scaffolding (a phrase from Kathleen Schaub at IDC) that helps better align “do marketing” activities to acquire and retain customers. When marketing is run efficiently, with full visibility into where investments are going and absolute clarity as to how they are performing — organizations have the power to strategically reallocate dollars to where they drive the greatest impact.

Impact on Marketing Teams as Bizible and Allocadia Offer Combined Data 

At the time of this announcement, Nani Jansen, Director of Product Marketing at DemandBase, said, “We are very excited about combining Bizible and Allocadia data.”

Nanneke Jansen
Nanneke “Nani” Jansen

Nani added, “This will be critical to help us determine our most effective approach in the market. Bizible provides a deep view into our results from sales and marketing activities, including digital data, while Allocadia gives us complete control and transparency into our investments, how they align with our strategy and objectives and reveals the ROI we’re getting from our marketing plans. The joint solution will reveal the true impact we’re having on the business and allow us to make smarter, faster, and more impactful decisions.”

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This partnership allows marketers at companies like DemandBase to capitalize on key capabilities of Allocadia and Bizible to maintain tighter control over spend and deliver a powerful return on investment insights.  The team at DemandBase relies on both solutions to understand the impact of their marketing efforts. The combined solution ties investment data with revenue data to quantify the ROI of every sales and marketing channel, campaign and program including paid media, content marketing, sales activities, and field marketing.

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Executive Comments from Allocadia and Bizible

Brewster Stanislaw, VP of Product and Strategy at Bizible, said, “Marketing today relies upon the right set of actionable insights to make better decisions than the competition. Our customers have long benefited from Bizible’s ability to provide clarity across all marketing channels — whether offline or online — to maximize revenue and accelerate growth. We’re excited to work with the Allocadia team in a shared vision to help marketers optimize their  revenue impact.”

Katherine Berry, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Allocadia, said, “Over the past seven years, we have seen marketers across the world embrace Marketing Performance Management and #RunMarketing more like a business. Partnering with Bizible is a significant milestone in this journey to help marketers spend every dollar with confidence.”

Katherine added, “Regardless of the exact ROI approach you take, it’s essential to have an accurate view of both the R and the I. Bizible and Allocadia speak the same language and share the same vision. This is highlighted by joint customers like Demandbase who are taking control over their plans, investments, and results to deliver greater business impact.”

Currently, Allocadia is a leading Marketing Performance Management solution and creator of the #RunMarketing movement. The company’s award-winning technology empowers marketers with confidence in their plans, investments, and ROI. Founded in 2010 by twin sisters Kristine Steuart and Katherine Berry, Allocadia today serves more than 10,000 marketers worldwide, managing over $25B in marketing investment to-date.

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