Motionloft Named 2018 Gold Edison Award Winner

Prestigious Award Honors Motionloft’s Technological Innovation in Digitized Data

The Edison Awards, a 31-year-old organization honoring innovation and excellence, announced that San Francisco-based Motionloft was voted Gold Winner in digitized data for its innovative ViMo platform.

Category finalists for the prestigious Edison Awards were judged by more than 3,000 leading business executives including past award winners, academics, and leaders in the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, and medicine.

Motionloft Named 2018 Gold Edison Award Winner
Frank Bonafilia

“Our judges recognized Motionloft’s ViMo as a true innovator out of the many products in its category,” said Frank Bonafilia, Executive Director, Edison Awards, named for the famous Thomas Alva Edison whose innovative achievements changed the world.

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Motionloft Named 2018 Gold Edison Award Winner
Joyce Reitman

“Thinking large is key to sparking new ideas. Winning the top level Gold Edison Award is a great honor and establishes us as a leader in Data Analytics with real-time, accurate pedestrian and traffic counts. Our technology has added a proven economic value to clients in the Smart City, Retail, and Commercial Property Industries that include global brands such as Credo Beauty, AT&T, T-Mobile, City of Las Vegas, New York, and San Francisco,” said Joyce Reitman, CEO, Motionloft.

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Gold Award-Winning ViMo Platform

Motionloft’s proprietary platform ViMo takes the physical movement of people and vehicles and turns it into digitized analytics. By presenting the data to the user in real-time, ViMo makes it actionable so that companies can make confident decisions and develop new opportunities based on sound data. Features such as a pedestrian, vehicle and bicycle data, heatmap, path tracking and increased data capture range make ViMo a powerful super sensor with unparalleled capabilities in a single platform.

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