LinkedIn Sales Navigator Insights Integrates with Clari’s Opportunity-To-Close Platform

The Latest Clari + LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration Would Help Sales Reps Focus on the Right Deals, and Giving Them Time Back to Sell

In their recent announcement, Clari has announced that they have partnered with LinkedIn Sales Solutions. This partnership adds integration of Clari’s AI-based Opportunity-to-Close platform with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, providing direct access to account and contact profiles reps are engaging with. Through this integration*, sales reps would now receive timely insights to directly penetrate and sell into their key accounts on Clari platform. At Clari, reps can update their deals, manage their pipeline and call their number.


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Currently, the leading sales execution and forecasting platform help the sales reps to boost productivity against target accounts by offering them real-time visibility into where the team is spending their time. This ensures activity is geared towards the right accounts and opportunities.

Clari + LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration
Clari + LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

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For any given account, Clari now presents information from the Company Page on LinkedIn. It allows the sales rep to quickly get to know the account and identify any relevant connections by showing —

Recommended Leads: Key individuals at the company that the rep should reach out to.
Connections: All current connections at the company that might help get into the account.
News: Company news and recent employee LinkedIn posts to provide intel and context to every sales interaction.

Using Clari + LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration, reps and managers track sales activity against target accounts and manage deals, they can easily get contextual and relevant information about the account that can shape their prospecting and penetration strategy and drive better results.

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