Netsertive Launches First Scalable Brand-to-Local YouTube Advertising Solution

Solution Enables Brands to Pivot YouTube Advertising Funds from Traditional TV to More-Targeted Digital Video Channels

Netsertive, a marketing technology company that enables brands, publishers and local businesses to execute multi-channel, localized marketing at scale, has announced the launch of the industry’s first scalable & localized solution for digital marketing on YouTube.

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This capability comes on the heels of the latest demographics on YouTube which emphasize why this channel is so important to brands and their networks:

Netsertive Delivers Programmatic Access to YouTube Advertising Management

Brendan Morrissey
Brendan Morrissey

At the time of this announcement, Brendan Morrissey, CEO and co-founder of Netsertive, “Until now, while we could scale video to other destinations, YouTube still required ‘single account/campaign’ setup and management manually through Google’s interface. Netsertive can now deliver programmatic access for setting up and managing YouTube campaigns at scale.”

Brendan added, “Ultimately, this opens up massive opportunities for brands and multi-location businesses that have been asking for this capability for a long time. The work we’ve done with the YouTube team over the past year in creating this industry-first solution will allow brands to fully leverage this channel for the first time ever.”

Big Challenge for Advertisers: Building Unique Campaigns for YouTube Advertising

As traditional TV viewership shifts to online channels such as YouTube, advertisers have been keen to shift their ad budgets accordingly. 90 percent of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. However, brands have not been able to target their YouTube advertisements without creating a unique campaign for each of their thousands of markets.

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“The ability to scale advertising and promotions on YouTube is something that both our brands and vendors, as well as our 5,300 retail members with over 14,000 stores, have long waited for,” said Dev Mukherjee, EVP, Digital and Technology at Nationwide Marketing Group, North America’s largest buying and marketing organization.

Dev added, “We are working closely with Netsertive to ensure our vendors and members have full advantage of this innovative solution.”

Netsertive Adds Front-End Creation and Localization for YouTube Advertising

Netsertive’s first-to-market solution for YouTube advertising includes both front-end creation and localization, as well as back-end execution and management, for hundreds or thousands of simultaneous digital video campaigns. Centralized management also allows for rapid changes to creative assets, a critical feature for scaled localization.

“There are billions of dollars at stake” Morrissey went on to say, “And we believe we are at least a year ahead of anyone else in the market. Brands who are first to market on YouTube will have a big head start against their competition on a channel that reaches all key demographics, and is proven to drive conversions as part of a comprehensive digital marketing portfolio.”

Expected to be commercially available in Q2 of 2018, Netsertive’s YouTube offering will be part of a comprehensive media mix solution set. The Netsertive platform empowers brands and local businesses with collaborative, local digital marketing that leverages technology and industry expertise to deliver bottom-of-funnel, qualified local buyers. The new scalable YouTube solution will further the company’s momentum in the automotive, power sports, home furnishings, appliance, mattress, technology, and healthcare industries.

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