Neustar Launches Unified Analytics Powered by Fabrick

Neustar, Inc., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution, launched Neustar Unified Analytics powered by Neustar Fabrick, the only end-to-end marketing analytics solution that provides both cross-platform and user-level measurement across on- and offline channels including closed digital platforms. This enables brands to make critical, on-the-fly optimizations to their marketing mix, campaign tactics, and audience targets to maximize their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

For over fifty years, brands have leaned on the econometrics of Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) to strategically plan and allocate their marketing investments. Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) grew in conjunction with the rise of digital marketing, enabling marketers to analyze and optimize their tactics, from consumer segments to ad creative and cross-channel messaging. But the two approaches have remained largely independent of one another, until now.

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“We are pioneering a significantly more advanced approach to marketing planning, analytics, and attribution with Neustar Unified Analytics,” said Michael Schoen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Marketing Solutions at Neustar. “It bridges the gap between Marketing Mix Modeling and Multi-Touch Attribution in ways that are unique in the industry, helping us better optimize our clients marketing investments across the board. It highlights the fact that Neustar’s MMM and MTA capabilities are individually the strongest solutions of their kind – and together – this solution is incredibly advanced in terms of cookie-free, cross-channel analytics, and attribution.”

Neustar Unified Analytics is the first solution to effectively integrate the strategic cross-channel analytics of next-generation Neustar MMM with the real time, user-level insights of industry-leading Neustar MTA delivered via a single, easy-to-use client application. It bridges the data gaps faced by other measurement and analytics solutions with Fabrick, a unified identity ecosystem of Neustar proprietary data, technologies, and cross-media linkages.

By leveraging this persistent identity-based analytics solution, brands will gain visibility into closed digital platforms, linear and connected TV, mobile apps, desktop, and other digital channels threatened by the decline of third-party cookies and Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDS). This reveals the incremental impact of marketing across the full customer journey, enabling marketers to understand and act on the contribution of their entire marketing mix.

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“While others in the analytics space have struggled to consistently deliver MTA, Neustar’s proprietary DMP solution enables us to cross-link media platforms for real-time planning and attribution,” said Ted Prince, Executive Vice President and President, Analytics Solutions at Neustar. “Our data and technology linkages and interoperability across the marketing ecosystem – coupled with our innovations in cookie-free analytics and attribution – make us unique in the industry. And our clients are seeing the benefits across the board.”

In addition, Neustar Unified Analytics incorporates Neustar innovations in differential privacy. This advanced data science approach leverages Neustar’s leading consumer identity graph to provide highly accurate MTA without requiring individual-level advertising impression data. People are grouped based on advertising exposure to avoid sharing user-level data. This ensures brands can measure advertising performance across closed media platforms in a privacy-centric way without relying on third-party cookies and MAIDs.

With Unified Analytics, brands can expect benefits including:

  • Enhanced advertising budget planning and investment allocation recommendations
  • Advanced scenario planning and in-flight campaign optimization
  • Increased visibility across the on- and offline consumer journey based on people-based data linkages

The results for Neustar brand clients have been significant:

  • A large apparel retailer increased marketing-attributed revenue by 40% by optimizing their marketing mix, budget allocation, media channel performance, and reinvestment strategies
  • One of the world’s largest CPG brands achieved complete visibility into the incremental impact of their digital media spend on online and offline sales across audience-segments, media channels, partners, and advertising creative
  • A top telecommunications brand drove a 4X return on ad spend, attributed advertising exposures to on-and offline sales, and made significant optimizations to their ad creative
  • A leading OTC/CPG brand optimized its cross-channel marketing return on ad spend (ROAS) by 40% to increase brick and mortar sales

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