NielsenIQ and Qualtrics Announce a New Partnership to Help Brands Drive Sustainable Growth

The combination of business tentacles and capabilities will create an extremely comprehensive global brand experience solution

the industry’s global leader in the field of measurement and data analysis NielsenIQ and experience management (XM), a leader and creator Qualtrics (NASDAQ: XM) today announced the creation of The new partnership will jointly help brand leaders make faster and more informed decisions. This cooperation is expected to create an extremely comprehensive global brand experience solution and, based on consumer feedback, provide organizations with an immediate and comprehensive review of their brand health status.

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Consumer expectations have changed rapidly, and as expectations continue to evolve, brands need to turn consumer insights into actions to differentiate themselves and expand their customer base. Through this partnership, NielsenIQ will use Qualtrics BrandXM ™ to enhance its Winning Brands® solutions .

Winning Brands® is a mature model of NielsenIQ, used to measure brand awareness, wait and see, and image before, during and after the brand reaches consumers. Qualtrics BrandXM™ identifies key brand drivers among potential customers, helping companies accelerate customer acquisition and enhance brand value.

The joint solution will enable brands to obtain key brand indicators on a single platform, such as brand equity indicators (a barometer of consumer purchase intentions related to market share), and make them related to commercial results (including awareness, wait-and-see, and use) be consistent. It will also provide preset analysis functions, automated workflows and interactive dashboards from Qualtrics to help organizations simulate future scenarios and promote sustainable growth.

Yuneeb Khan, Global President of Consumer Insights of NielsenIQ, said: “NielsenIQ’s first-class approach, combined with Qualtrics’ experience management technology, will help brands adapt to any business environment and succeed. We are very pleased to be able to cooperate with Qualtrics to provide brand leaders with more in-depth Real-time insights allow them to gain an advantage in the competition.”

RJ Filipski, Global Head of Qualtrics Ecosystem, said: “The experience provided by each organization has never been more important. Combining NielsenIQ’s premier Winning Brands model with Qualtrics’ reliable ability to help companies meet consumer needs will enable brands to change rapidly. Obtain significant advantages in the market. These insights will enable brand leaders to serve global consumers at an unprecedented speed.”

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