NPC Global Prospers from DataSelf Analyzing Data from Salesforce and ERP

Results include double-digit annual growth over the last two years

DataSelf Corp, the mid-market leader in business analytics and data warehousing software, announced that its client, NPC Global Corporation, has achieved significant growth since the company implemented DataSelf a few years ago. NPC Global can now pull sales and quota information from their CRM, ERP and Excel, import that into DataSelf, and easily slice and dice the data in any way they need to make informed business decisions.

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Prior to using DataSelf, NPC’s sales data was housed across three silos that didn’t communicate with each other: Salesforce (RFQ data, sales calls, meetings, results, and more); ERP (transactional sales data, pricing, purchasing, and other sales-related financial information); and Excel (sales forecasts for new and current customers). Being able to pull this data from three places into DataSelf under one umbrella has opened up “a whole new world of reporting” for David Wieder, Sales Director at NPC Global. “The old reports were difficult to extract what you needed and took a lot of time and effort. But with DataSelf, I can click, drag, and drop and get exactly what I need in seconds,” he said.

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With this powerful combination of CRM, ERP, Excel, data warehousing, Tableau and out-of-the-box templates to their CRM and ERP, NPC Global has experienced record double-digit growth per year over the last two years. “DataSelf has changed the whole essence of our company,” Wieder said. “This is the first time we started seeing our true growth – what we were winning, losing, and how my team’s sales efforts were working.”

DataSelf has also given Wieder a renewed sense of confidence in reporting his numbers. “Without DataSelf, I wouldn’t be able to tell you decisively that we grew by double digits per year over the past two years,” he said. “This isn’t some number that someone came up with, but it’s based on actual data where we understand where it’s coming from and where we are as a company. Today, we can measure our monthly progress and create metrics around our repeat customers and new business.”

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