Oribi Holiday Study: Online Stores See Low Traffic From Facebook and Instagram

Study revealed the online shopping behavior of over 17.5 million consumers across 512 eCommerce websites and various marketing channels

Oribi, a leading website analytics solution, and direct competitor of Google Analytics, which converts raw data into actionable insights, released its analysis of online holiday shopping trends. The study analyzed online shopping behavior of over 17.5 million consumers across 512 eCommerce websites and various marketing channels – direct marketing, Facebook, Google, Google Paid and Instagram – between Nov. 1st 2019 and Dec. 2nd 2019.

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Traffic Across Channels 

Oribi’s deep dive revealed that traffic to online retailers in the first three weeks of November 2019, largely came from direct marketing (e.g., email, website, etc.) (58%), followed by Google Organic Search (23%), Google Search Ads (12%), Facebook (6%), and Instagram (1%). The study also revealed that traffic to online stores increased two and a half times (2.5x) on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, specifically, but that the traffic sources remained about the same.

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Conversion Rate Across Channels 

Oribi’s study found that direct marketing’s conversion rate of 2.59 percent during the biggest retail holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, was not such a drastic rise when compared to its yearly average conversion rate of 2.06 percent. In comparison, Instagram’s conversion rate on those same two days, more than doubled with 0.28% versus 0.57%.

Added Shoor: “Instagram’s conversion rate of visitors doubled, which is most likely due to ads with a clear call to action, including promotions and coupon codes. However, Facebook and Instagram both have a very low conversion rate compared to the other channels. Visitors from Facebook and Instagram arrive with a much lower intent – they arrive from a general post or ads that target a wide audience.”

Mobile vs. Desktop

Oribi’s study found that 60 percent of online consumers used their mobile phones to make purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a five percent bump when compared to an average retail day. “The trend isn’t unique to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Simplified checkout procedures, and fully dedicated mobile apps are accelerating the rise in mobile use among online shoppers all year round,” Shoor concluded.

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