OmniIndex Launches freemium SaaS CSAT Solution To Measure Customer Sentiment In Real-time

OmniIndex, the leading file analysis provider bringing analytics to unstructured data, is to target brands looking to measure customer sentiment in real-time. Its new SaaS-based freemium solution will enable marketing departments to analyze customer satisfaction scores – CSAT – PII breaches & content categorization, all of which is embedded within your email interactions and extracted with its Powerful AI and Natural Language Understanding Engines.

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The free version of not only measures email sentiment for CSAT over multiple timeframes it can also alert brand owners on any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) breaches and give insight and visibility as to who has been added on the Bcc line. For more advanced analysis with interactions from social media, desktop file systems archives, voice transcripts and more you can upgrade to the SaaS platform which includes full integrations with Tableau, Google Data Studio, Google Looker, Oracle Cloud Analytics & MS Power BI.

Customer Satisfaction, or CSAT, is a customer experience metric that measures happiness with a product, service, or support interaction. Marketers and brands can use CSAT to determine a customer’s level of satisfaction at key interaction times, such as the moment of purchase, the onboarding process, a support ticket exchange and a phone or digital conversation/interaction with customer service.

The new OmniIndex analytics tool is based on a powerful AI Engine which enables detailed Sentiment, Context, File and PII analysis across an enterprise’s unstructured data, no matter what type or where it resides. With no long training processes or data bulk loading, our AI engine works instantly.

Simon Bain, CEO, OmniIndex, stated: “CSAT is the ultimate test of brand performance. In other words, are you delivering a customer experience that will keep consumers coming back? CSAT is essential for brands and marketeers and now we can offer a real-time solution that will enable those brands to stop looking back over historic records to improve customer satisfaction. Instead CX teams can use this information to proactively solve problems in real-time.

“Further, our solution can also identify data breaches and alert the user or brand owner. And in a totally unique feature, On, our ‘Ask Omni’ Bot can provide real-time information about your unstructured data. For example, you could ask, “Omni, can I have all PII breaches for Mandy last month”? or maybe,”Omni, did Sam’s CSAT increase last week?” or maybe even, “Omni, how many Zoom meetings were there last week and were there any problems with sentiment?”

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Many businesses and brands can use targeted CSAT surveys to identify pain points around sales, onboarding, customer service, product, internal processes, and other key touchpoints. CSAT can not only improve the customer and employee experience and ultimately increase brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.

The OmniIndex CSAT solution is free to download and enables sentiment tracking of email communications between brand and consumer.

Bain continued: “Customer satisfaction measurement and reporting (CSAT) is essential. This is an important metric that you can use to see changes and trends in your customers’ overall satisfaction with your products and services as part of the overall health of your brand. CSAT is mostly used by customer service and support teams to determine how well they are doing to answer questions and solve problems. Now we have a free and real-time solution available for brands looking for vital competitive advantage.”

OmniIndex is a new simple-to-implement SaaS solution that enables access to unstructured data and is the first that addresses all areas of unstructured data analytics: AI Contextual Awareness, AI Sentiment Analysis, Automatic Content Analysis and PII Alerting. It is a simple to implement SaaS solution with a powerful AI engine.

As a result, the enterprise can view detailed analytics on the hidden data that sprawls across applications and siloes that invariably houses the day-to-day momentum of that business. That means addressing the ‘Other 80%’ of data hidden and inaccessible.