RainFocus Enhances Advanced Behavioral Data Reporting to Fuel Marketing and Sales Success

RainFocus CEO JR Sherman describes enhancements to the company’s innovative event solutions for CMOs and sales leaders

RainFocus, the next-generation event marketing and management platform, has announced new enhancements to the reporting structure of the platform that will provide marketing and sales teams with easier access to rich attendee behavioral data. In addition to increasing the number of core reports available by 20%, RainFocus has introduced Data Access Groups that will simplify the sharing of data while maintaining the company’s high-security standard. As hybrid events rise in popularity, these reporting capabilities, along with RainFocus’ unified approach to events management and marketing, will allow organizations to measure an individual’s engagement at any point in their customer journey.

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“Over the past several years, CMOs and other executives have recognized that they need a better real-time view of data for all the events they’re delivering,” says RainFocus CEO, JR Sherman. “They want to be able to look at an individual from a global perspective and see how events and experiences have shaped their journey through the funnel, from initial awareness to brand loyalty.

“But you can’t get that data visibility when multiple experiential tools are in use,” Sherman explains.“Data visibility requires communication of real-time data that is tied back to a primary marketing system. We solve a major operational challenge for the CMO by allowing them to move that big foundational block of events back into their marketing mix, with full integration.”

Data-Driven Insights
These new reporting capabilities were built to expand the value of the company’s attendee interface and native streaming solution announced earlier this year. RainFocus clients are now equipped to not only enhance their attendee experience but also comprehensively measure it better than ever before.

In the world of event marketing and management, real-time insights are revolutionary. While CMOs have long since recognized the importance of real-time data, they have struggled to find a platform that could connect insights from multiple events. RainFocus produces actionable intelligence from attendees’ actions, behaviors, and preferences and offers in-the-moment event analysis. All reports are presented in visually appealing data visualizations, while automatic recurring reporting keeps everyone informed — before, during, and after the event.

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Data can be configured to fit specific company needs, and the platform can be integrated with CRM, MAP, and other tech stack integrations. This integration assists in streamlining reporting and standardizing metrics. The disconnect between events and marketing has long made it near impossible for organizations to prove event ROI. They frequently lack sufficient measurement, direction, and oversight. RainFocus enables them to connect events to the rest of their marketing strategy.

RainFocus customers can report on a myriad of experiences, across multiple events throughout the year or the entire customer lifecycle. Those insights are integrated into the marketing technology stack, allowing CMOs to gain maximum visibility — empowering their teams to deliver the right content, to the right buyer, in the right format, depending on their position in the buying cycle.

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