Troparé Launches B2B Data Management Tool with Closed-Loop Mobile Prospecting Integrations

Troparé Launches Workbench-Like Marketing Studio Consisting Of Ten Imperative Data Solutions Set To Transform Data-Driven Marketing Work Cycles

Troparé, Inc, a thriving, privately held software development company, announced the launch of Troparé Studio, a completely self-service, closed-loop data management studio consisting of ten (10) powerful data solutions set to boost data-driven marketing and sales productivity and effectiveness.

 Troparé Studio

Designed specifically for non-technical B2B marketing and sales professionals, Troparé Studio enables users to ingest data from over forty-five (45) different sources, including all the major CRMs and (cloud-based) databases to be cleansed, transformed, standardized, and compiled prior to helping users answer questions along the lines of, ‘Who are my best customers?’, ‘What do my campaign effectiveness scores and associated correlation metrics look like?’, or ‘Am I equally assigning sales territories among my sales reps based on opportunity and performance?’

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Troparé Studio not only facilitates the tools to answer these questions, it empowers users to take a step further through built-in solutions like Data Matching, Machine Learning, BI & Analytics, Territory Management, Reporting and Visualizations, and List and Campaign management, in addition to its previously mentioned Data Ingestion and Transformation capabilities which can all be scheduled to run automatically as well. “Giving marketing and sales the tools to actionably operate and analyze their data not only increases productivity, it creates a completely new work methodology, accelerating the entire pipeline and ultimately business success,” said Daniël Hussem, Head of Marketing at Troparé.

Company Direction
The launch of Troparé Studio marks a milestone in the company’s development journey. “We originally started off as a mobile app/database development company creating enterprise prospecting applications for customers like AT&T, before getting approached by data giant Dun and Bradstreet to start developing custom database solutions for its enterprise customer tier. While developing various highly successful point-solutions for different enterprise companies over the years and recognizing their struggles, it became clear that integrating these different solutions into a single platform with a closed-loop data flow and direct integrations into our mobile sales suite would be a game-changer across the board,” said Greg Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Troparé.

Further expansion of Troparé Studio capabilities are already projected in the company’s roadmap.

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