Wrench.AI Launches Suite of Enterprise-Level Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Products

Technology Empowers Organizations with the Analytics and Data Insights They Need to Significantly Improve Marketing and Sales Initiatives, Driving Greater Efficiencies and Avoiding Disruption

Wrench.AI , announced that its proprietary artificial intelligence platform has officially launched and is now open to enterprise and client-driven organizations world-wide. The launch comes on the heels of a tremendous response from the market during the pre-launch phase of the platform.

With features uniquely designed with the B2B audience in mind, Wrench.AI has the distinct ability of unveiling hidden insights and complex relationships buried within corporate and CRM data, so organizations can create their own artificially intelligent neural network, allowing them to identify, predict, and take advantage of unique business opportunities, including “programatizing” their launch process for new products, while mitigating any potential risks or threats.

Dan Baird
Dan Baird

“With our solution, users no longer have to operate in the dark with their data,” said Dan Baird, CEO & Founder of Wrench.AI. “The technology brings to light hidden intelligence, and fills in the meaningful information gaps that are critical for improving the decision-making and product launch process. By closing up this gap, we are enabling marketing and sales teams to leverage important information that can be used to launch and promote their products in a more meaningful way, while also ensuring that they are always able to activate the best plan of action for growth.”

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With Wrench.AI, the consumer engagement experience is also significantly enhanced. By adding more personalized and in-depth marketing insights to make customer data smarter and more actionable, Wrench.AI is driving deeper connections between organizations and their clients so they can create stronger, long-term brand loyalty and even close more deals.

Wrench.AI’s SaaS products allow organizations to skip the data they don’t need, and zero in on information that can help them prioritize outreach efforts and increase their engagement and conversion rates. Some of the technology’s smart features include:

  • Lead scores showing which customers have the highest potential for buying or investing in your products or services
  • Segmentation clusters so marketers can target their campaigns by affinity groups or buyer’s journey with messaging that will most resonate with them
  • Predictions on customers’ personas, preferences, and behaviors so business teams can offer highly effective recommendations and campaigns
  • Matching and pairing of leads with customer service and sales reps who have the greatest conversion potential
  • Plus More!!

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While a variety of SaaS products and new enhancements are scheduled in the near future, some of the current offerings that are part of the launch phase of Wrench.AI include:

Advance Your Personalization with AI: Amplify your existing CRM data to learn more about your leads, apply lead scores, predict the ideal buyer’s experience, determine the top line strategy to shorten that journey, and simplify engagement and loyalty through deeper relationships.

Actionable Insights for Fiduciaries, Institutions, and Fundraisers: Deepen your investor data through enriched public data on investors, investment professionals, and issuers. Easily segment leads, personalize outreach initiatives, and apply “offer match” scores to investors and deals.

Create Your Own AI-Driven Launch Strategy, Content, and Creative; This product combines Serendipity, Investor Insights, and a proprietary launch program that culminates in your own artificially intelligent model. Parkour automates the product launch process, driving new data insights that “self-refine” the process over time.

Any type of client-driven organization can easily deploy Wrench.AI into their networking environment as the service plugs-n-plays into key solutions that already exists in the marketplace like Intercom, and other CRM and database tools.

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