YouMail Unveils Enterprise Robocall Mitigation Solution at ITXPO-East in Miami

Service Applies AI-Enabled Sensor Network to Meet New FCC Mandates for Stopping Robocalls

YouMail, a totally free robocall blocking app and call protection service for mobile phones, today unveiled its new YouMail Robocall Mitigation Solution for carriers and enterprises at the ITXPO East Conference at the Miami Beach Convention Center in South Florida.

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By using the YouMail robocall mitigation solution for service providers, network operators can comply with a new FCC mandate that requires all service providers to implement an ongoing robocall mitigation program to prevent the origination of unwanted robocalls. The FCC has required service providers to implement STIR/SHAKEN technology for call authentication by June 30.

YouMail enterprise robocall mitigation solutions combine an extensive sensor network across North America with patented AI algorithms to definitively identify and stop unwanted robocalls from reaching enterprise customers or traversing carrier networks.

“We are excited for the industry because the YouMail Robocall Mitigation Solution provides the first real ground-truth to identify and stop bad robocalls at the source,” said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. “Our innovative analytics engine definitively identifies fraud for service providers, which also helps eliminate the risk of peer networks refusing traffic from call originators, traffic aggregators and transit network providers.”

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The YouMail technology solution leverages patented AI algorithms to analyze communications content and accurately identify unwanted calls. Unique digital fingerprints are created from calls, which are matched to any telephone numbers associated with bad actors. Unlike conventional honeypots that use audio-to-text transcription, YouMail leverages these audio fingerprints to identify any subsequent attacks related to the same fraudulent calling campaigns.

Users can query the YouMail fraud database to get a fraud risk score and a fraud campaign descriptor, and the risk score is continuously updated to reflect current threat activities.

The YouMail Robocall Sensor Network actively listens for fraud among billions of calls received by real YouMail users across North America. The network spans mobile carriers and integrations with VoIP providers, enabling it to detect attacks within minutes.

The US Telecom Industry Traceback Group relies upon YouMail content for objective evidence to justify taking actions against fraudulent call originators, service providers and gateways.

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