Ignite2Lead Announces Innovative Marketing-Solutions To Support Smaller Companies

Ignite2Lead has announced the launch of their next marketing solutions-based scheme which aims to provide innovative and customised solutions to the prolific number of companies within the U.S. that were stiffly affected by the direct and indirect aftermath of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Ignite2Lead, the marketerial strategies that worked for corporations before the COVID-19 pandemic are no longer applicable; brand image and strategy have been irrevocably changed within the landscape of marketing and that is not going to change any time soon.

The prominent marketing agency specialises in the commercial management of corporation’s: Growth Market Solutions, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, and relative digital strategy related issues for both large and small business owners. By adopting a holistic approach which accounts for the current prevalence of social media in our digital era, they provide tailored solutions to each individual company.

The company has also acknowledged the distinct difficulties that smaller companies face in the industry, as well as the relative measures they are taking to address such difficulties. Ultimately, minute marketing budgets don’t traditionally allow for a lot of room for measurable results; operating on thin profit margins- or even on losses, often leads small companies to a place where they are not comfortable with allocating a significant amount of funds into their marketing. Ignite2Lead has introduced a relatively novel approach in this area, alleviating a plethora of the economic and structural burdens that small businesses commonly face.

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Ignite2Lead has funded market research in this area, examining a pool of small, medium and significantly large corporations- and particularly their prospective overviews and budget in relation to the sphere of marketing. The company concluded that even though a significant amount of even the most small-scale companies were indefinitely interested in the type of services that Ignite2Lead offered, their relatively tight profit margins and strict monetary budget did not permit them to allocate any sizable funds in this area.

‘’Many businesses out there can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on marketing…it’s an infeasible challenge for them financially’’- Kevin Thomas, Founder and CEO of Ignite2Lead.

Ignite2Lead’s Support Small Business marketing package has been rolled out with the sole purpose of addressing the issues laid out above and consequently tackling a demographic in the industry that is not regularly represented. The aforementioned package includes specialised social media ad campaigns which are handled, developed and expanded solely by Ignite2Lead’s in-house team of marketing specialists and SEO analysts. Consequently, the respective owners of these relatively small businesses can continue to focus the vast majority of their day-to-day effort and time on the actual management and structure of their business models- with any marketing or advertising enquiries being automatically taken care of.

‘’We hope that these efforts will ensure that even the most primitive business models will be allowed to proliferate their exposure- bringing in rallies of revenues…. We want to see these companies triumph in the second half of 2021 and in early 2022, even if this is done by merely educating them on the significance and long-term implications of an effective digital marketing strategy’’- Kevin Thomas, Founder and CEO of Ignite2Lead

Ultimately ,without an efficacious marketing strategy, companies will likely struggle to make a robust comeback following the long and tedious repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic; a fact that can bring a significant amount of internal tension, anxiety and pressure.

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