Zeenk Launches TikTok Reporting and Analytics Capabilities

Brands can streamline TikTok reporting in Zeenk’s platform and leverage TikTok data in their customer acquisition analysis

Zeenk, a customer-centric data analytics company for DTCs and ecommerce sellers, has announced the launch of its new TikTok reporting and analytics capabilities. Brands can now instantly access their TikTok campaign reports in the Zeenk dashboard and centralized along with their other sales and marketing channels, e.g. Shopify, Meta, Google, Klayvio, etc.“TikTok has become a really important channel for ecommerce sellers,” said Brian Eberman, CEO of Zeenk. “Faced with Meta’s rising ad prices and iOS 14 tracking challenges, brands have to diversify their customer acquisition playbook. A channel like TikTok with over 140 million active U.S. users is a very attractive option to look for new customers. Zeenk’s new feature enables brands to centralize the reporting for their TikTok campaigns alongside their other marketing channels and more accurately calculate their customer acquisition costs (CAC) across channels.”

Zeenk’s new feature enables brands to centralize the reporting for their TikTok campaigns along their other marketing channels & accurately calculate their customer acquisition costs across channels.”— Zeenk CEO Brian Eberman

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According to eMarketer, TikTok ad revenue in the U.S. is expected to reach nearly $6B or 2.4% of digital ad spending in 2022, up from 1% in 2021, and reach $11 billion by 2024. In addition, adult users spend an average of almost 46 minutes on TikTok each day, compared to 30 minutes each on Facebook and Instagram.

Using API integrations, Zeenk extracts data from sales and marketing platforms like Shopify, Meta, Google, Klayvio, etc., and now TikTok, and enables DTCs and ecommerce sellers to centralize their metrics and campaign reports in a single customizable dashboard.

Moreover, Zeenk’s solution leverages this data in its proprietary data science models paired with causal modeling technology to provide robust customer-level analytics and forecasting capabilities. Its analytics capabilities include customer lifetime value (CLV) analysis and prediction, customer acquisition cost (CAC) analysis, churn probability and prediction, customer-level CLV:CAC ratios and CLV versus churn probability analysis.

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