B Code & H Code Release New Report that Breaks Down Multicultural Preferences for Entertainment Content and Platforms

The “Theatrical Entertainment Report” offers insight into Hispanic and Black American communities’ preferred theatrical watching habits as advertisers, studios, and multimedia companies look to reassess in-theater and at-home media consumption

H Code and B Code, partnered digital media companies focused on helping brands and advertisers connect with multicultural audiences at scale across the digital landscape, released their Theatrical Entertainment Report, which examines preferred theatrical watching habits for Hispanic and Black American communities.

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“Summer 2021 is critical for entertainment-focused advertisers to reassess messaging points”

H Code and B Code aim to help advertisers better understand Hispanic and Black American audiences as a new wave of social advocacy is reverberating throughout all levels of society. Increased concerns of underrepresentation and lack of diversity in media from the past year helped fuel the demand for multicultural voices to be heard and amplified. Since then, advertisers have been reassessing how their efforts resonate with and support multicultural communities. As the pandemic accelerated the trend of at-home viewing experiences for new releases, H Code and B Code developed a report to be used as a resource to provide insights on how advertisers should plan their marketing strategies focused on theatrical content for multicultural audiences.

“Summer 2021 is critical for entertainment-focused advertisers to reassess messaging points,” said Parker Morse, CEO and Founder of H Code. “We’re at a point in time where direct to streaming content is flooding consumers with an overabundance of viewing options from the convenience of their home, which is why it’s imperative to measure how multicultural audiences will adapt to our changing media landscape and respond to various forms of creative messaging.”

Damian Benders, General Manager of B Code, said, “Looking at data from both Hispanic and Black Americans there’s a significant mix between genre preferences, movie watching habits, theatre vs. home inclinations, and anticipation for upcoming titles. After analyzing the differences and recent changes in viewing behavior, it’s clear that tailored messaging is required to effectively speak to the unique viewpoints that both Hispanic and Black demographics show to be meaningful.”

The Theatrical Entertainment Report was produced by H Code and B Code and with data collected from the Intelligence Center from May 6 to 13, 2021. The study surveyed 1010 Black American and Hispanic respondents and is representative of all main geographical areas of the United States.

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