Cohley Launches “Reviews Generator” to Disrupt Product Seeding

Product seeding for reviews had previously been prohibitively expensive and arduous

In 2013, the world of stock photography was flipped upside down when Unsplash launched via a humble Tumblr blog. Free, high-quality stock photography for the masses! It was a game-changer, and it turned what had been an expensive product into a commodity.

In 2021, Cohley is looking to establish themselves as the “Unsplash for Product Reviews.”

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Cohley has created a significantly more efficient way to generate and gather Product Reviews. They’ve built technology to replace what was previously manual, enabling them to offer this at extremely low costs (even free up to a point). The process is reportedly quite simple: Attach your eCommerce platform via a simple click of a button, select the products that you’d like reviews for, and boom! You’ll have reviews back in no more than a month.

The Review Generator tool acts like a wedding registry. Once a product has been selected a sufficient amount of times, it’s no longer available for selection. You don’t need five bread makers, for example.

The current process for generating authentic product reviews is clunky and unpredictable. There are several ways for brands to generate more reviews, such as relying on post-purchase emails or SMS messages to garner reviews. A brand could also elect to work with a vendor like Influenster to run expensive product seeding campaigns.

According to NYC-based Cohley, both of these methods are broken. They’re aiming to usher in the solution, becoming the go-to vendor for generating product reviews.

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