LiveOne’s LiveXLive surpasses 1.25 Million+ Paid Subscribers*

  • PodcastOne Sees 50% Growth in Monthly Traffic; Has Grown to More than 300 Franchise Shows

  • PodcastOne Had Over 2.38 Billion Podcast Downloads

  • LiveOne’s LiveXLive’s Audio Listens Tops 64 Billion Since Inception

  • PPVOne Combined with ReactOne Has Generated Over $25 Million in Ticketed Events Sales

  • Sold Over 60,000 Tickets with More Than 25,000 New LiveXLive Subscribers and Over 1 Million Livestreams for B.I PPV and Spring Awakening Music Festival: Autumn Equinox

  • Social Media Channels Grew 44% in Calendar Year 2021

LiveOne, a global platform for livestream and on-demand audio, video, and podcast/vodcast content in music, comedy, and pop culture, and owner of LiveXLive, PodcastOne, Slacker Radio, React Presents, and Custom Personalization Solutions, provided certain updated metrics for its business operations.

LiveOne continues to experience growth in nearly every facet – from it’s expertly-curated radio stations increasing its listener base to its roster of new pay-per-view and live streamed content across any and all genres imaginable.

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LiveOne’s CEO and Chairman, Robert Ellin, commented, “With the return of live music and events, we are seeing tremendous growth across all of our business verticals. We are excited about the recent rebranding to LiveOne and our associated business unit brands of ‘ONE’ brand, which further integrates our flywheel business model. We remain focused on being a leading end-to-end talent-first platform creating, producing, monetizing, marketing, and distributing premium audio and video content across all genres and distribution outlets.”

  • PodcastOne has added more than 50 new advertisers since July 2020.
  • Total social media reach across the exclusive talent roster of PodcastOne now exceeds 280 million.
  • LaunchPadOne, PodcastOne’s original podcast hosting platform, made its global relaunch in July 2021 with over 1200 independent shows. It recently launched an audio competition, Self Made, which saw over 150 new shows submitted to the platform and featured expert judges Kaitlyn BristoweAdam CarollaDoug EllinJillian Hamilton, and Barbara Schroeder.

After the explosive success of LiveOne’s live music business React Presents’ Spring Awakening Music Festival: Autumn Equinox, as well as its first pay-per-view performance with K-pop icon B.I, the upward trajectory is expected to continue to rise. Unique content and entertainment for fans across mediums and genres show how LiveOne’s flywheel business model can be applied to any and all forms of media.

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Formerly known as LiveXLive Media, the company became a go-to platform for live streaming events that combine music with pop culture and sports, podcasting, arts, fashion, culinary, comedy and wellness during the time of COVID-19.

*Included in the total number of paid subscribers  are certain subscribers which are the subject of a contractual dispute. LiveOne is currently not recognizing revenue related to these subscribers.

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