Sycamore Entertainment Group To Launch SEGI TV Network Across Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, and More

Sycamore Entertainment Group, Inc. (SEGI) is pleased to announce the launch of SEGI TV, a new streaming network that will reach more than 100M U.S household televisions and 200M users via OTT (Over The Top) and mobile devices.

SEGI TV will offer its viewers premium, mainstream and exclusive content via Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD). Including diversity, equality, sports, climate change and other multicultural subject matter. Content acquisition will be aided by partnerships with Vuulr and Rights Trade, both leading global online marketplaces for film and TV rights acquisitions.

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SEGI TV will monetize the channel in partnership with OneView, a leading Ad Platform owned by Roku. OneView lets advertisers plan, buy and measure ad campaigns across all digital devices in four out of five U.S homes, including non-Roku households. In addition, SEGI TV will also acquire content via film festivals, content partnerships and long standing industry relationships.

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“With U.S. OTT Ad spend expected to top $5 Billion this year, we are excited to be launching SEGI TV at this unprecedented time. One of the new and interesting changes in the film acquisition business is that; the days of having to use a large portion of the financial resources to acquire great content are ending. The new ‘revenue share’ model allows producers and filmmakers to participate in the revenue from users, subscribers and advertisers, therefore allowing our streaming platform better access to great films.” says Edward Sylvan CEO of Sycamore Entertainment. “With an overwhelming demand for new and niche premium content we feel that we fill a void in the OTT streaming ecosystem”.

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